Jump Watts – Mobile charging units for electric vehicles

Jump Watts – Mobile charging units for electric vehicles


Name: Jump Watts

Legal Name: Jump Watts

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2019

Founders: Arun Gunasekaran 

Website: https://www.jumpwatts.com/

Social Media Following: 141 followers on LinkedIn

Industry – Global Electric Vehicle Market

Size: $118,864.5M in 2017 (Source: Allied Market Research)

Future: $567,299.8M by 2025 (Source: Allied Market Research)


Jump Watts helps overcome daily bottlenecks faced by electric vehicle owners, such as accessibility to charging points, unpredictable power rates, high operational and maintenance costs, etc. The scalable mobile charging technology challenges the traditional paradigm of charging and energy infrastructure assets being stationary. Jump Watts aims to facilitate zero-emission micro-mobility operations by providing a range of solutions for power generation, distribution, fleet rebalancing, and charging.

The Product

Jump Watts’ mobile energy storage system is designed to charge on-the-go, and, at the same time, provide power back to the grid to harness the difference in power prices. They use real-time information from the grid and the best travel routes to guide users. With this technological breakthrough, the mobile DC fast charging system is no longer a capital intensive and non-revenue generating asset. 

Using Jump Watts’ mobile charging services, electric vehicle owners can connect their vehicles to an energy source, while EV fleet owners can reduce their cost of operating per mile and increase productivity. 

Origin and Founders

Founded by Arun Gunasekaran in June 2019, Jump Watts is backed by a diverse team of professionals who come from reputed companies like Tesla and SpaceX and have engineered cutting edge EV technology to launching rockets in space.

Arun Gunasekaran is an engineer with over a decade’s experience. He has previously worked as a software engineer at Cognizant and later as a testing engineer at Tesla. 

Performance and Trends

NeoCharge was selected for its 2019 startup accelerator cohort by Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

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