Jessie Health – Making healthcare accessible for women

Jessie Health – Making healthcare accessible for women


Name: Jessie Health (formerly known as ALIS Health)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: August 2018

Founder(s): Amy Domangue and Kerranna Williamson


Social Media: 128 followers on Instagram, 132 followers on Twitter, 105 likes on Facebook, 79 followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Global Digital Health Industry

Size: $86.4Bn in 2018 (Source: GMInsights)

Future: $156.9Bn by 2025 (Source: GMInsights)


Jessie Health is a dedicated e-health assistant and full-service on-demand digital clinic for women offering access to affordable and personalized health services for women. Jessie Health seeks to strike a balance with gendered disparities in health, both in terms of cost and access.

The Product

This women-friendly online health concierge aims to answer user’s queries relating to the likes of general health, nutrition, reproductive health, and mental health. From video chats with doctors to online prescriptions and at-home lab testing, the platform helps women improve their health without having to step out of their homes. 

While Jessie does not diagnose health conditions, it does match users to the relevant provider and services from a trusted network of preferred partners. Today, the startup claims to have one of the largest networks of online women’s health services. These Jessie-preferred vendors also tend to offer exclusive discounted rates to users.

According to an article in hypepotamus, the platform targets large self-insured employers who are focused on reducing the costs of employee healthcare. With such clients, Jessie operates on a SaaS revenue model. To add to the revenue stream, the startup also charges a referral fee for partnership referrals.

Origin and Founding Team

Jessie’s Co-founders – Amy Domangue and Kerranna Williamson – are experts in healthcare marketing and innovation, with individual careers spanning 10+ years. When they first collaborated, they combined expertise and networks to launch ALIS Health, a marketplace for women’s genetic testing in January 2017.

The very next year, the article mentioned that Domangue and Williamson moved to Los Angeles. At the same time, they widened the scope of the business to include women-centric digital health services. 

In Fall 2018, they were selected for the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, powered by Techstars, to further grow the startup. That’s when they recognized an opportunity to remove the inequalities that women face with respect to healthcare. And thus, Jessie Health was born in August 2018. 

The name was picked by the founders to make the company inclusive and gender-neutral. “We selected a brand that personifies one of the really key parts of this project, which is making sure that women feel like they have a relationship with this online tool. It’s not just simply another company pushing the digital health services,” said Domangue to hypepotamus.

In the next six months, they grew Jessie from a fledgling concept to beta stage by building a network of digital health services, solidifying the sales pipeline and prototyping the Jessie digital assistant. 

Today, the platform is open for early access sign-up. 

Performance and Trends

On its Facebook page, Jessie claims to have won Launch Pad’s Blast-off PITCH Competition. It also raised pre-seed funding of $120,000, in June 2018, from Cedars-Sinai.

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