Entrée – choose from a world of dishes with a single touch

Entrée – choose from a world of dishes with a single touch


Name: Entrée

Legal Name: Entrée Inc.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: August 2016

Founder(s): Danny Tippens,Prajoth Pattamatta


Social Media Following: 498 Likes on Facebook, 2627 Followers on Twitter, 13.9K Followers onInstagram

INDUSTRY – F&B Retail E-commerce

Size: $16.2 Bn (2018 (Source: Statista)

Projections: $27.7 Bn by 2023 (Source: Statista)


Entrée aims to solve the endless problem of fighting with your friends, partner, or roommate about what to order in every day, by acting as a sort of “Tinder meets Pandora” for food. The app, freely available for download on iOS, shows users high-quality images of food or meals from nearby restaurants, based on an algorithm that learns users’ preferences. It also provides contextual recommendations, based on the occasion the user is looking to eat out for, like birthdays or date nights.

The Product

The app’s algorithm filters dishes and choices from nearby restaurants to show users images of food that will appeal to them, accompanied by the restaurant’s name, rating, pricing, address, phone number, and map location. The app is functional in 30 cities, and in the cities where Uber is also available, it allows you to book an Uber to the restaurant. It also allows you to call the restaurant and place your order for delivery. The app utilizes data from Foursquare for reviews and other information.

The app is particularly aimed at students and young professionals, who typically eat out frequently and often face a lack of choices when ordering on a near-daily basis. Its large following on Instagram, in comparison to other social media platforms, also reflects its relatively younger user base.

Origin and Founding Team

Founders Danny Tippens and Prajoth Pattamatta decided to create this app after facing the exact problem the app aims to solve: the two roommates often fought over deciding what to eat and where. Upon realizing the need for a solution, and that people “eat with their eyes” first, they decided to create an app that showed users pictures of delectable food to choose from, instead of just restaurants.

Co-founder and CEO Prajoth Pattamatta began working at American Express soon after graduating from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. He spent over two years at American Express as a mobile business systems analyst and senior product analyst, before co-founding Entrée in 2016.

Co-founder and CFO Danny Tippens previously worked as an investment banking analyst at Stephens Inc, and as a corporate development manager for News Corporation, before going on to co-found Entrée.

Performance and Trends

Entrée has an average app download rate of over 400 downloads a month. Entrée raised $50,000 during a seed funding round in April 2017.

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