CoupleWise solves relationship woes through an app

CoupleWise solves relationship woes through an app


Name: CoupleWise

Legal Name: Relationship 2.0, Inc.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: 2010

Founder(s): Gary Krane and Dan Gallo


Social Media: 1663 followers on Twitter and 61 followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Global healthcare services market

Size: $7.724T in 2017 (Source: Deloitte)

Future: $10.059T in 2020


Couple’s therapy can be an expensive affair, sometimes costing upwards of $200 per session. For those looking to improve upon the dynamics of their marriage, the New York-based startup CoupleWise offers an affordable, science-based and personalized solution. This digital relationship wellness app features tools, insights, and personalized guidance for couples to renew and sustain their bond from the comfort of their homes.

The Product

Built around the wisdom of experienced marriage researchers, therapists and counselors, CoupleWise is a self-paced interactive program driven to deliver bespoke couples therapy. It seeks to harness the proven therapeutic practices and skill-building techniques followed by human therapists, to deliver digital relationship support, at a fraction of the cost.

Couples can sign up for the e-service on the website and then answer a few questions that revolve around 24 essential relationship needs identified by the startup. This is followed by asking the duo to rate how satisfied they are with a few needs/skills (of the 24) most critical to them.

Then, based on the couple’s profile, guided exercises and videos are suggested that helps them make important decisions together, resolve relationship issues and meet each other’s needs. The app also features a personalized couples’ journey dashboard that continuously tracks, reports and rewards progress towards the user’s relationship goals. Users can also subscribe to notifications that motivate them to continue with the e-sessions.

The startup currently has monthly ($29.95), quarterly ($59.95) and annual ($179) packages.

The Software as a service (SaaS) platform also offers corporate packages for enterprises. The core value proposition touted by the founders is that by helping employees improve their familial relationships, companies can significantly affect the individual’s productivity and loyalty.

Owing to the sensitivity and personal nature of relationship details, the CoupleWise website claims to place the confidentiality of the clients’ information above all.

Origin and Founding Team

Startup veteran Dan Gallo and Chief Psychologist Gary Krane, Ph.D. founded CoupleWise in 2010. This technology platform is based on 24-core relationship needs derived from studies conducted on 55,000+ couples to identify top predictors of divorce and long-lasting happiness in committed relationships.

The startup also has an illustrious advisory board featuring a team of professional counselors, therapists, and couples researchers.

Performance and Trends

CoupleWise raised $40,000 in capital in January 2011. According to Crunchbase, it also secured an undisclosed grant prize in August 2016 from the MassChallenge.

In October 2017, to further bolster its offering, CoupleWise’s parent company Relationship 2.0 even partnered with eHome Counseling Management Partners. Together, they launched that provides online video counseling to couples.

According to ZoomInfo, the privately held startup generated over $1Mn in revenue in Q1 and Q2 of 2019.

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