DRiVR AI turns your smartphone into an AI-enabled car dash cam

DRiVR AI turns your smartphone into an AI-enabled car dash cam


Name: DRiVR AI

Legal: DRiVR AI, Inc.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: January 2017

Founder: Kurt Swauger

Website: http://www.drivr.app/

Social Media Following: 2 Followers on Facebook

INDUSTRY – Dash Board Cameras (Software/Partner App)

Size: Global Dashboard Camera Market Size – $2.74B in 2017. (Orbis Research Report, covered by Reuters)

Projections: Projected to be $5.3B by 2023 at CAGR of 11.85% for 2018-2023. (Orbis Research Report, covered by Reuters)


DRiVR AI is a company aiming to turn smartphones into part-time dashboard cameras with AI and cloud technologies to help individual drivers, fleet owners, and insurance companies. The company’s apps help drivers or vehicle owners by enabling their smartphones to record drives and the app’s AI-driven software helps rate driver ability, and also provides comprehensive visual documentation in case of accidents. DRiVR is targeting commercial drivers, the insurance industry, ride-sharing companies, and anyone who has a strong use-case for tracking and monitoring driver(s) of vehicles.

The Product

DRiVR’s website claims that the company is allowing users to document accidents and incidents, in addition to value-add services such as discounts on towing, rideshare, and car repair at select providers. The cloud-based connectivity allows drivers to receive notifications about accidents, hazards, and driving conditions on their planned route. The system also captures and records visual driving data, and uses AI to analyze it and provide ratings and scores for driving performance which is helpful for vehicle owners.

By recording video and audio data of on-road incidents, as well as prompting users to take pictures and indicate where they have been injured, the company is also aiming to ease the insurance claims process for providers and customers. The system prompts drivers to pre-load relevant data such as make, model, and insurance information while allowing you to click and capture the information of other drivers involved in the incident. The company is also offering this as a white label solution for vehicle insurance companies.

The applications cannot be found on either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store as of the writing of this piece.

Origin and Founder

According to its CrunchBase profile, the organization was founded in 2017 by Kurt A. Swauger. His LinkedIn profile suggests a history of starting and exiting technology platforms, as well as a history of venture investments. DRiVR AI is a rebrand of WREK Technologies, Inc. which provided free iOS and Android applications to help those involved in an accident with assistance. In a press release from October 2017, Kurt was quoted as the Founder & CEO of WREK as saying that the DRiVR AI applications had been in development for over a year and would be released in November 2017. The Press Release indicates that part of WREK’s market strategy was deploying AI and cloud-based dash cameras, and much of the messaging and positioning resonates with DRiVR AI’s current website.

Performance and Trends

At present, there is no application on the Google Play Store or iOS app store from DRiVR AI. Call-to-Action buttons on the website for downloading the application don’t work. There is a product listed on Amazon.com from WREK Technologies Inc. – a car smartphone mount. The product has apparently been discontinued and has 2.3/5 stars, with 4 negative and 2 positive reviews. The product listing states that the holder is designed to be used with the WREK app. The mount costs $9.95 and some old inventory is still available on Amazon.



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