Dash Systems – Delivering aerial logistics services with smart drones

Dash Systems – Delivering aerial logistics services with smart drones


Name: Dash Systems

Legal Name: Dash Systems

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 2016

Founders: Joel Ifill

Website: http://www.dashshipping.com/

Social Media Following: 50 followers on Facebook, 91 followers on LinkedIn, 114 followers on Twitter


Dash Systems is a commercial UAV manufacturer that facilitates cargo delivery through drones. The aerial logistics company designs, manufactures, and deploys one-way delivery drones. These low-cost devices can be mounted to any commercial aircraft, helicopter or UAV, thereby allowing fast and rapid deployment into any environment. 

The Product

Dash Systems claims to be the first commercial aerial delivery technology that connects cargo airplanes to customers and does away with the need for an airport or runway. The technology has been developed by marrying aerospace engineering expertise with a cutting-edge UAV backbone, making them capable of delivering cargo to otherwise inaccessible and remote locations. 

The core belief of the company stems from the fact that cost, complexity, regulations and performance limitations are all barriers to autonomous delivery. Factors such as weather,  infrastructure, availability, and safety are the barriers air deliveries continue to face today. With their proprietary technology, Dash Systems thus improves the efficiency of deliveries while reducing the cost of delivery drones. Using Dash Systems proprietary technology, every airplane can be converted into a mobile drone launch platform capable of delivering over 1000 packages at one go. 

Origin and Founding Team

Founder and CEO of Dash Systems Joel Ifill has to his credit over a decade’s experience as an engineer work experience at Senior Aerospace SSP as a lead welding engineer (where he led the design and implementation of an automated welding quality system leading to a 98% reduction in welding record mistakes), and stints at WET Design, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation.

Performance and Trends

Dash Systems is funded by Techstars and MiLA Capital (Make in LA). Their latest funding was raised in July 2019 as a part of a pre-seed round.

The startup was also covered by Fast Company for its support in relief activities after the hurricane in Puerto Rico in 2017. While still in its pilot phase at the time, Dash Systems used its proprietary navigation system to target affected areas andd deliver supplies using airdrops. 

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