CrossnoKaye – Building predictive systems for industrial energy distribution

CrossnoKaye – Building predictive systems for industrial energy distribution


Name: CrossnoKaye

Legal Name: CrossnoKaye

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Founded: 2017

Founders: Bryan Kaye, Jesse Crosno


Social Media Following: 139 Followers on Linkedin, 12 Followers on Twitter 

Industry – Global Market for Intelligence Power Distribution Systems

Size: $833M in 2019 (Source: Technavio)

Projections: CAGR of 8% between 2019 and 2025 (Source: Technavio)


CrossnoKaye develops control systems and fully-automated energy strategies for industrial facilities. By using physics-based models, machine learning, and predictive analytics, their products are developed specifically for the modern energy landscape. The company also offers a vast catalog of advanced process control applications designed to optimize economic returns.

The Product

CrossnoKaye’s modern Atlas Platform has been developed for industrial processes that enable the safe implementation of complex and multi-component model and data-driven strategies.

The platform’s secure cloud-connectivity enables faster prototyping and access to real-time data analysis on facility behavior. The virtual sensors monitor the key metrics relevant to the industrial unit using model-driven edge computing, while the model predictive controls ensure the smooth implementation of complex, multi-input, multi-output process controls. 

By stabilizing the electrical load using the Atlas Modules, industrial facilities can save megawatts off their demand charge. The company’s research has also proven that by automatically shifting power usage to different times of the day, their partners’ facilities have reduced electricity costs by approximately 40%.

Origin and Founding Team

CrossnoKaye was founded by Harvard PhDs Bryan Kaye and Jesse Crosno, who between the two of them have backgrounds in diverse subjects such as physics, statistics, machine learning, numerical optimization, data science, and thermodynamics. Bryan Kaye is the CEO at CrossnoKaye, while Jesse Crosno serves as the CTO, with the two leading a team of interdisciplinary experts to develop predictive industrial controls for more efficient energy consumption infrastructures. 

Performance and Trends

CrossnoKaye was chosen for its 2019 cohort by the cleantech startup accelerator Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

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