ēdn’s home garden brings the farm closer to your dinner table

ēdn’s home garden brings the farm closer to your dinner table

Our food travels 1500 miles on average before reaching your plate. At no other point in history have we been so far away from the food we eat.

All these food miles mean that the food on our table is less fresh and healthy than it should be. The greenhouse emissions further make the system even less sustainable for the planet.

Fortunately, we see a growing community of people trying to get closer to their food. We can see signs of this in growing popularity of farmer markets across the US.

Now, ēdn is taking this transformation to a whole new level with their home gardens. ēdn Gardens use smart technology to help you manage a dirt-less garden with almost zero effort. The standalone gardens don’t require sunlight, constant watering or tilling of the soil.

Ēdn’s home gardens allow you to grow plants of your choice, without the time and hard work that a conventional farm requires. Here’s how.

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ēdn uses a completely soil-free method of growing plants. The method takes away common beginner problems associated with gardening like positioning for sunshine, the constant tilling or regular watering.

The gardens use Seedpods, which are small cartridges that hold the nutrients and seeds in place as the plants grow. These Seedpods are made out of a natural peat based material that is perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

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The gardens also have a reservoir to hold water. Sensors regulate the flow of water to the seedpods and maintain the ideal moisture level.

With ēdn’s home gardens you can grow plants even when you don’t have sunlight for days altogether. It has automated LED Lights which provide the plants the light energy needed to thrive indoors.

Essentially, technology and automation take away the effort to manage the growth of plants. An app removes all the guesswork from gardening and guides the users through every step.

Such products are not new to the market. However, ēdn offers a much simpler design and promises a hassle-free experience.

The startup has designed two indoor gardening products which require little space and use water instead of soil to grow the plants. Customers can choose between a Small Garden which sits on a desk, shelf and tabletop or a Wall Garden that hangs vertically.

ēdn’s products are carefully handcrafted with sustainably harvested wood from Oregon and extruded aluminum from Texas. This fact adds to its appeal among nature lovers.  

Ryan Woltz started ēdn in 2014. The Denver based startup received incubation at Techstars and raised $500K in late 2016.

edn Shark Tank
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In early 2017, Ryan appeared on Shark Tank. Ryan successfully invited bids from Kevin and Lori on the show but the deals did not materialize. Ryan did succeed in impressing everyone though.

Beyond an audacious mission to change how people get their food, ēdn is a marvelous addition to any home’s interior. ēdn’s gardens look sleek and elegant. Many of its early adopters are also people looking to bring nature to their houses.

If more Americans could grow their food themselves, it’ll drastically improve the overall quality of our meals. Drastic changes in the food supply chain are imminent. The idea of locally grown food is gaining momentum.

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