TRASH – re-imagining content creation with predictive editing

TRASH – re-imagining content creation with predictive editing



Legal Name: TRASH, Inc.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: 2017

Founder(s): Hannah Donovan, Dr. Geneviève Patterson


Social Media Following:  65 followers on LinkedIn, 365 followers on Instagram

INDUSTRY – AI Software

Size: $356 Mn (2018)

Projections: $1152 Mn by 2023 (CAGR of 26.5%)


TRASH is a predictive video editing application that works on computational photography technology, a sub-field of computer vision. Using this technology, the application allows people to edit multiple video clips together on their phones with a single tap. TRASH is also one of the first startups to be working in the field of computational photography and creating a consumer-facing product.

The Product

Co-founder of TRASH, Dr. Geneviève Patterson claims that the predictive video editing software combines machine learning with computer vision techniques such as face detection, sequence modeling, and activity recognition. It uses these elements to turn regular videos shot on a smartphone into impactful mini-movies. In addition to its real-time predictive video editing app, TRASH also plans to create a content platform offering a stock video library for users to create videos of any nature.

TRASH currently offers users access to the beta version of its software through direct message requests on its Instagram page. There is no information on when the company plans to release the app in the wider market.

Origin and Founding Team

TRASH was founded by Hannah Donovan, an entrepreneur with a background in design and creating consumer-facing products for music and video, and Dr. Geneviève Patterson in 2017. Both are currently working with a team of data scientists and experts from the field of video editing on creating the final version of the predictive video editing application and content platform.

Performance and Trends

Earlier in 2019, TRASH received a research grant from the National Science Foundation for its studies in the emerging field of computational cinematography led by Dr. Patterson, the startup’s Chief Science Officer. The startup was also part of the first cohort Future Labs’ Catalyst NYC incubator program in 2018.

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