Sixth Man Technologies: A sports analytics software for scorekeeping

Sixth Man Technologies: A sports analytics software for scorekeeping


Name: Sixth Man Technologies

Legal Name: Sixth Man Technologies Inc.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: 2019

Founder: Luke Geiger


Social Media: 932 Followers on Twitter, 32 Followers on LinkedIn


Sixth Man Technologies is the new-age scorekeeper. The New York-based company has developed two score-keeping systems and its sports analytics software is designed to assist teams to discover value in their athletes. 

The Product

Both the score-keeping systems by Sixth Man Technologies enable programs to keep track of statistics and live stream games to fans with ease. 

HoopMetrics is a basketball scorebook that calculates advanced analytics. The core feature of the system comprises its ability to analyze how certain players perform when they are on the court. By doing so, the app will make strategic lineup suggestions for your team: a lineup that holds opponents to the lowest field goal percentage, or the lineup that forces the most turnovers.

DiamondMetrics is useful for baseball and softball teams. It allows programs to track statistics and live stream games with no hassle.

Origin and Founding Team

Prior to starting Sixth Man Technologies in May 2019, founder Luke Geiger was a software engineer at Uber for close to four years. He has also had stints as an iOS Developer at the digital calendar service, UpTo, and has worked as an iOS instructor at Grand Circus, Detroit’s learning institute that offers coding boot camps.

Performance and Trends

Sixth Man Technologies was chosen for the first Techstars Sports Accelerator in June 2019 and received a funding of $120k as a part of the program. 

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