Marco: A collaborative app to plan your group holiday

Marco: A collaborative app to plan your group holiday


Name: Marco

Legal Name: Marco Technologies, Inc.

Location: New York City, New York

Founded: 2018

Founder: Micah Gantman


Social Media Following: 196 followers on Instagram, 46 Followers on Twitter, 11 Likes on Facebook

Industry – Online Travel Tech

Projection: $1,091B by 2022 (CAGR of 11.1%) (Source: Allied Market Research)


A personal pocket trip organizational assistant to help organize group holidays or work trips, Marco, a New-York based company aims to be the go-to planning app. The tech intervention is aimed at making the planning process easier by bringing together the entire group on one platform to share ideas, changes to the itinerary, suggest new routes, and more.

The Product

The Marco travel app is easy to download and comes with several built-in features to make traveling with a large group easier. Members added to a trip on the app share ideas on where to stay, places to eat and things to do such as sight-seeing, adventure activities, etc. As all the information is in one place, group members are alerted with real-time updates pushed automatically – and no one misses out on important changes to the itinerary. 

The aim of the app is to do away with the need for emails, calls and text messages, especially if you’re abroad and don’t have access to your home-country mobile network. With Marco, users can build an itinerary as a group and watch it develop, and its progress, in real-time. 

Origin and Founding Team

Micah Gantman is an experienced business development and sales professional. He has served in multiple roles including VP of Strategy and Business Development and an Advisor at Seattle-based software company, Tune. After a nine-year-long stint, Micah decided to start his own travel startup. He has a history of working in SaaS, marketing, and advertising technology who focuses on building businesses with an emphasis on meaningful relationships and strong culture that scales.

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