Luxlock is taking the luxury shopping experience online

Luxlock is taking the luxury shopping experience online


Name: Luxlock

Legal: Fullstack Retail Inc.

Location: New York, New York

Founded: Oct 18, 2016

Founder(s): Casey Golden


Social Media Following: 1,437 followers on Instagram, 404 followers on Facebook, 1653 followers on Twitter

INDUSTRY – Online Luxury Fashion

Size: $22B (2018) (Source: “Luxury in the age of digital Darwinism”)

Projections: $76B 2025


Luxlock is a personalized shopping app, providing customers with access to high-end luxury shopping experiences along with a dedicated personal stylist from the comfort of their homes. This allows customers to find designer items easily and have them delivered at a fraction of the usual time.

The idea is simple: luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton are unlike the usual brands that can be purchased from Amazon. Yet there is a demand for the kind of instantaneous service Amazon gives customers. Luxlock seeks to fill this gap in the market, creating something that is all at once a delivery service, a virtual shopping assistant, and an integrated outlet for luxury goods. This gives customers all the benefits of a luxury shopping experience without the need to go to an actual store. By gathering data which customers provide, the company is able to access their shopping choices and predictive information on what they would require or desire in the future.

The Product

Luxlock seems to offer a number of features, everything from a very concrete web and mobile app for shopping, to the promise of customized experiences at luxury restaurants, designer brands, and events. Being first and foremost an online luxury goods outlet, Luxlock partners with a few high-end brands as well as personal shopping assistants. Once you are connected with a personal shopper, the assistant will gain access to your sizing needs, the event in question, or desired look.

When you purchase an item, Luxlock stores the data, thus helping the company determine what looks or brands you may desire in the future. This behavioral data is also supplied to luxury retailers to help them improve their brand and offerings. In addition, the Luxlock account can be used with a number of other apps such as OpenTable, which works in partnership with Luxlock to give you special treatment during your next dining experience. This is a way for luxury brands to reward customers.

For instance, if you shop very often at Ralph Lauren, using your Luxlock account will supposedly get you access to the Polo Bar, along with your favorite bottle of wine (based on previous purchases.) In addition, Luxlock claims to be one of the few providers delivering luxury goods this quickly, giving you easy access to the limited brands represented by their company.

Origin and Founding Team

Luxlock was founded by Casey Golden in 2016. Golden has a background in fashion and retail, working at such companies as Mario’s, Bloomingdale’s, Ralph Lauren, and supply chain management company Simparel as a digital strategist. She has also worked as a personal shopper, and along the way has developed relationships with a number of retailers.

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