Hubly – Project management platform for independent financial advisors

Hubly – Project management platform for independent financial advisors


Name: Hubly 

Legal Name: Hubly Inc

Location: New York

Founded: 2019

Founder(s): Louis Retief, Sean Rumsby, Ron Gorodetsky


Social Media Following: 73 Followers on LinkedIn, 17 Followers on Twitter, 76 Followers on Facebook

INDUSTRY – Fintech

Projections: $305.7B by 2023 (Source: Research and Markets)


Hubly helps fee-based or subscription-based financial advisors plan their workflows, manage their goals, and have a holistic view of their various client relationships on a streamlined platform designed exactly for their specific needs.

Hubly’s website includes endorsements from working fee-based financial advisers, including one Ryan Mohr of Clarity Capital Management’s assertion that “Hubly helps keep [his] sanity and not forget things”. It is naturally meant for a specific, targeted group of customers, older working professionals in fee-based financial advising.

The Product

Hubly combines client relationship management and enterprise resource planning, and can be integrated with advisors’ current CRM platforms. The platform claims to fill the triple role of “financial educator, manager and accountability partner”, by streamlining the financial analysis and goal setting process for financial advisers. It simplifies and organizes the process of managing projects and goals and helps advisors manage and automate subscription-based services to ensure consistent experiences for clients. It allows financial advisors to keep track of their various client relationships, track and monitor the progress of their stated financial goals, and to build workflows tailored to each client.

It also generates summaries and performance analytics on client tasks and workflows, therefore providing key organizational and analytical assistance to fee-based financial advisors, who often juggle numerous clients and relationships in rapidly changing financial ecosystems.

Financial advisors can join Hubly currently for free by providing basic contact details on their website. 

Origin and Founding Team

Hubly was founded in January 2019 by Louis Retief, Sean Rumsby, and Ron Gorodetsky. 

CEO Louis Retief received his B Com degree from the Sauder School of Business in 2019, and interned at Wealthsimple for 8 months before going on to co-found Hubly. 

CTO Sean Rumsby received his B Eng degree from the University of Victoria in 2014, and worked as a platform software developer at Benevity for two years. He also co-founded an ERP software for government bodies called Olivewood Software before co-founding Hubly. 

COO Ron Gorodetsky studied at the Sauders School of Business, and also co-founded Olivewood Software before going on to co-found Hubly.

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