Apekshita Varshney

Apekshita is a journalist and video blogger who regularly writes for leading online publications on a diverse range of topics such as environment, politics, society, gender, business, and technology, among others.

Laveena Punjabi

Laveena has 7+ years of experience in product and business development, marketing and building brand and content strategy for startups and enterprises. Between planning sprints and crunching numbers, Laveena likes to spend her time writing for startups and companies.

Sangeeta Rane

Sangeeta has over 4 years of experience in journalism, digital marketing, and content creation. She has worked with organizations across the education and development sector, media companies, and has also written for several online publications as a reporter and freelancer.

Pooja Pillai

Pooja is a writer and corporate communications professional, with 8+ years of experience. She has worked with transport, real estate, B2B technology, and lifestyle brands to build their media presence and lead pipelines through well-researched and engaging content. Also, she is a firm believer in the boundless problem-solving potential of pop-culture, dogs, and science.

Niranjan Balki

Niranjan Balki is the pseudonym for a writer on Techweek. He is a journalist with a leading English-language daily and has previously also worked with other leading media companies in the country.

Sharang Bhaskaran

Sharang has 3+ years of experience in PR, content, and digital marketing. He has helped create content for several B2B technology companies, consumer brands, and startups.

Sharanya Gopinathan

Sharanya is a writer and feminist journalist with experience in long-form and short-form writing and reporting. She has worked for and contributed articles to various online and print publications. You can find her on twitter as @sharanyagopins.

Vipul Nanda

Vipul has 5+ years of experience in SEO, digital marketing, PR, and content marketing for SaaS, e-commerce, and B2C consumer brands.