Our mission: to build the world’s largest community-driven tech platform to support tech entrepreneurship across the globe.

Techweek is a week long technology festival for entrepreneurs, tech visionaries and thought leaders to meet and enable the innovation ecosystem across the globe. Techweek was founded 5 years ago in Chicago to showcase and support Chicago’s unheralded emerging tech ecosystem, Techweek draws attendees that are an attractive demographic ideal for recruiters and marketers alike.

March 9th: Techweek announces new CEO and plan to transition to a Benefit Corporation

Techweek focuses on markets where they believe there is opportunity to spread tech entrepreneurship. To embolden the mission, Techweek is transitioning to a Public Benefit Corporation which will create a governance foundation with a clear dual-purpose mandate.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, management and the board will be empowered to invest time and effort in Techweek’s mission, in addition to traditional corporate obligations. After operating in major cities for 5 years, Techweek has been approached by a number of upcoming cities and partners looking to showcase and provide a platform for their innovation growth.

“Transitioning to a Benefit Corporation creates the fiduciary framework to enable mission-driven companies like Techweek to meet higher standards for community engagement, technical performance, accountability and transparency,” said Amanda Signorelli, new CEO of Techweek.

Signorelli manages the flagship department at Techweek, Summit and Fest where she is responsible for speakers and sponsored events. Signorelli joined Techweek from McKinsey & Company and has overseen many aspects of the Techweek business, her most notable contributions to Techweek include enhancing the Techweek startup LAUNCH Competition.

“I’m excited to transition to my new role where I will chair the Chicago Executive Advisory Board,” said Lynch. “I have been surrounded by so many innovative technologies and startups and, as a result, I have decided to start a new business in the education technology space.”

Signorelli and the Techweek team will continue rapid expansion in 2016, through the addition of Dallas and Toronto, bringing the total to eight cities.


Left: new Techweek CEO Amanda Signorelli;  Right: departing CEO, and new Chair of the Chicago Executive Advisory Board Katy Lynch

Transitioning to a Public Benefit Corporation will help Techweek achieve its social mission

Techweek is as passionate about our social mission as we are about our business, and we aspire to use the clarity of purpose allowed by a benefit corporation to instill our social mission into the fabric and mission of the company.

Transitioning to a benefit corporation, Techweek will be able to exist with a clear dual-purpose mandate, empowering its management and board to invest time and effort in both Techweek’s mission of social good, in addition to traditional corporate obligations.

Techweek’s 2016 product offerings are designed to support tech entrepreneurs and innovation

Techweek has upgraded their product offerings of experimentation and innovation to determine the most effective ways to nurture a technology into a toolkit of 6 products that are best supported by facilitating three key interactions within the tech community, idea sharing, business formation, and engaging leaders.

Idea Sharing


Forums to share big ideas and best practices, identify disruptive trends, and tell innovation stories

Business Formation


Structures and programs that encourage, support, and showcase new business formation

Engaging Leaders


Identifying and bringing together key entrepreneurial leaders in the ecosystem that facilitates creative discussions, and promotes engagement

Techweek’s products

The big festival events that engage tech and entrepreneur community


The world’s finest speakers tackling the latest topics and disruptive trends


The world’s greatest startup competition


Hall of companies that support entrepreneurs and startups


VIP invite-only intimate gathering of tech creators, innovators, leaders, and influencers


Recognizing individuals and companies for their leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Growth Timeline


1st Techweek in Chicago

BabbaCo, the e-commerce subscription company dedicated to helping parents create fun, memorable experiences for their children, wins the first ever LAUNCH Startup Competition at the inaugural Techweek Chicago. BabbaCO was later acquired by Barefoot Books in 2014.



Techweek Chicago welcomes Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the stage as he describes Chicago as the Second City, but “three years from now it’ll be known as the startup city if we do everything right,” Emanuel said. Uber Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick had an unmistakable presence at Techweek



Techweek has its first ever Presenting Sponsor, Motorola and The United States 1st Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra inspires thousands at Techweek Chicago along with Craig Newmark (Founder, Craigslist).



The inaugural Techweek Detroit began in May with budding support from likes of Comcast Business and Quicken Loans. Technology summit included speaker sessions with Dan Gilbert (Founder & Chairman, Quicken Loans), Josh Linkner (CEO, Detroit Venture Partners) Gary Peters (U.S. Rep.) and Beth Niblock (CIO for the City of Detroit).



Techweek took over New York with A-list speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk (Founder, Vaynerchuk) Al Roker (CEO, Al Roker Entertainment) and in LA brought top leaders Michael Dubin (CEO, Dollar Shave Club) and Lukas Sliwka (CTO, Grindr).



Techweek Celebrates its 5-year birthday with upgraded product offerings and changes its corporate status to become a Benefit corporation to further its principles into building the world’s largest community-driven tech platform to support tech entrepreneurship across the globe. Techweek anticipates 40K+ attendees this year and will expand to Dallas and Toronto.


Techweek is putting together the best entrepreneurial crowd in one place is extremely valuable

Michael Dubin, CEO, Dollar Shave Club

Techweek is a perfect launching pad to let people know we're making an investment here to make Chicago a great place for technology

Iqbal Arshad, Head of Engineering and Global Product Development, Motorola

Thank you so much for inviting me to speak. Great Event! Highly recommended. I’ll be back next year.

Lukas Sliwka, CTO, Grindr

It means for one week nerds rule and the rest of humanity realizes how much they need us.

Al Roker