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Techweek hosts events across the country, with its flagship conference in Chicago. New York and Los Angeles are up next!

Where: New York City, NY
When: October 14-20, 2013
The city that never sleeps will host Techweek for festival full of events, speaker sessions, and parties in honor of it’s rapidly expanding tech scene. Come out to 82Mercer in SoHo to hear leaders of the absolutely booming fashion-tech industry discuss emerging trends, and stay into the evening for a fashion tech runway show. The show features apparel from the city’s most innovative e-commerce companies, and is sure to be a great party. Learn More >
Where: Santa Monica, CA
When: November 18-24, 2013
Oh, Los Angeles. It’s home to the entertainment industry, a buzzing fashion hub, and a locale that inspires weather-envy from every other city in the country. Hence, Techweek is bringing our signature blend of tech-talk and party to the sunny city for Techweek LA 2013. It’s a two-day conference and expo celebrating the tech innovation boom, particularly in fashion and development, happening in Los Angeles. Learn More >
Where: Chicago, IL
When: June 23-29, 2014
Chicago is where technology meets reality. From Groupon to Motorola, ITW to CDW, Chicago is a technology hub for real-world solutions. We look at how people actually live and work; we bring products to diverse markets faster. We put innovation into the hands of thousands of lawyers, bankers, doctors, educators, families, and students. We don’t adapt culture to technology – we adapt technology to culture. Learn More >


Techweek is a week long celebration of technology and innovation spread across a multitude of events.

Leaders from all corners of the tech industry take the stage to discuss emerging trends, community impact, and everything in-between. Learn More >
Each day of the conference, the expo showcases the newest products and insights from both established Fortune 500 companies and nascent startups. Exhibitors present their ideas and plans for the future in front of thousands of Techweek goers, making connections and potentially striking deals. Learn More >
To make Techweek as intuitive as possible, the conference is divided into summits, organized by topic. Go International, for example, gathers tech players from around the world, while the Future of Media Summit explores the ever-evolving state of digital content. Beyond speakers, the expo and hiring fair both work within summit verticals, so you know exactly where you want to be at all times. Learn More >
Whether you’re in search of a job or a developer to bring your idea to fruition, the hiring fair is all about matching talented people with the right jobs. Employers at the hiring fair seek out data analysts, business developers, UI/UX designers, and more. Learn More >
Pre-qualified startups compete for cash and sponsor-donated gifts. In front of a judging panel comprised of select venture capitalists and industry innovators, participants must convince judges their startup is headed for the stratosphere. Along with granting startup founders an unparalleled opportunity, demos on the main stage entertain all Techweek attendees with the thrill of competition. Learn More >
Spreading ideas is hard work, which is why Techweek supplements the daytime conference with plenty of opportunities to unwind—and get down. Come hang out with us at the hottest night clubs, bars, and venues in the city. Learn More >
The fashion-tech runway show is the first of its kind—combining the best elements of fashion and technology for an unforgettable evening experience. Models don the apparel of emerging online retailers and local boutiques and then strut down the runway to showcase the fashions to Techweek goers. The whole event celebrates the merging of fashion and tech—plus, it’s a great party! Learn More >
This friendly competition will shine light on the use of technology in the food truck industry. For our attendees, this is your chance to try out all of the finest mobile kitchens without breaking the bank! Learn More >
Sit down for a drink, meet fellow conference goers, and reconnect with old friends and colleagues at Bar Techweek’s happy hours and alumni meet-ups, occurring daily. Learn More >
The Techweek100 identifies those individuals who are impacting the business and technology landscape on a significant scale in the identified Techweek regional area. The Techweek100 includes leaders of fast-growing technology companies, prominent sector investors, key contributing enablers, creators of new technology platforms, and other innovators that bring surprising new ideas to an expanding field. Learn More >
The TechweekGT is an interactive tour of the most innovative, compelling office spaces in your city. This is your chance to exchange ideas with local executives and see where all the action happens. Learn More >
Techweek loves to go to the movies. Science fiction films, documentaries, and comedies: they have a special ability to challenge the way we think. Join us as we premiere some of the finest forward-thinking films. Learn More >


Miss an event? No worries, Take a look at some of Techweek’s past events below.

Where: Chicago, IL
When: June 27-29, 2013
This was the third year that Techweek took over the Merchandise Mart in River North for its week long tech gathering.

Learn More >
Where: Santa Monica, CA
When: November 15, 2012
The Techweek Private Summit is a one-day conference celebrating the tech innovation booming in Santa Monica, aka Silicon Beach. Our inaugural LA event will cater to a limited guest list (300) of VIPs, CEOs, Founders, VCs, and other influential tech individuals. Learn More >
Where: Chicago, IL
When: June 22-26, 2012
This was the second year that Techweek took over the Merchandise Mart in River North for its week long tech gathering. Learn More >
Where: Chicago, IL
When: June 22-29, 2011
This was our inaugural year in Chicago. It all began here. One week of tech and innovation in River North. Learn More >