Be a part of the nation’s leading Technology festival. Hear from the leading names in local tech, learn from companies on the cutting edge, see what the hottest startups are up to, and network with other talented professionals in tech.


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Get Involved

Nominate speakers, Award recipients, and the hottest startups. Learn more about community partnerships or volunteering.

Become a Volunteer

5 Reasons to volunteer at Techweek

  1. Earn a complimentary pass to Techweek
  2. Be a part of the team that creates the definitive celebration of technology.  As the face of Techweek to our thousands of attendees, you will introduce yourself to the local tech scene
  3. Gain team leadership experience as one of our conference or production crew team leads
  4. Network with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives
  5. Gain firsthand knowledge of how epic conferences and festivals are managed and organized
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How it works

  • Access nearly everything at Techweek – speakers, the expo, parties, and so much more
  • Pick your volunteer shift over the course of Techweek and enjoy the rest of the experience as an attendee when you’re not working
  • Sign up to be a Managing Volunteer if you thrive in leadership positions and have excellent organizational skills.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the incomparable and wonderful (if we do say so ourselves) Techweek team

Techweek was an amazing event. I had the fantastic chance to see the range of content that was presented—much of it at the forefront of business and technology today—and to enjoy working with incredibly talented people. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to an impactful event and to meet and speak with some incredible panelists, speakers, and leaders.

Osborne W., 2012 Chicago volunteer

The people I met were hard-working and wonderful to talk to. Getting to know the Volunteer team alone was rewarding enough. The perks of being a part of the event speak for themselves as far as having access to the speakers, panels and events.

Eddie B., Chicago 2014 Volunteer

It was a great networking and educational experience with upstanding professionals. Anyone interested in the tech or marketing field would enjoy discovering new start ups and meeting professionals as a volunteer.

Kati K., 2014 Chicago Volunteer

It was fun and a great environment. We were made to feel very appreciated. This was a great experience. I look forward to next year and hope to take advantage of some events that take place.

Kimberly W., 2014 Chicago Volunteer

Join a team of energetic and diverse volunteers that share your passion for technology and network with top CEOs, investors, and innovators – Get started by filling out the form below!

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