Wish You Could Wash Your Area Rug?

By    |   August 17, 2017, 10:17 pm EDT

Buying a rug for your home is often needlessly cumbersome, and in the end, you’re usually stuck with something that may look attractive but is incredibly difficult to clean.

No one feels this pain as much as those with kids or pets, but even the casual entertainer is left with the headache of cleaning food and drink spills. We always have our eyes on businesses that take a tech-enabled approach to making our favorite products better, and so we jumped at the chance to review Ruggable.

It’s an entirely new type of rug: machine washable, customizable, and sold entirely online and shipped to your door. No more rolling up a rug from Ikea and awkwardly stuffing it into the backseat for a difficult and dangerous ride home!

Ruggable makes the process of buying and owning a rug convenient for everyone, from the dorm-room partier to the stressed out soccer Mom. Here are our favorite things about Ruggable:

1. Machine Washability:

Gone are the days of spending hours on your hands and knees rubbing stains out of your carpet.

Each Ruggable is actually a system that involves two pieces. First, there’s a non-slip cushioned base, and then a rug “cover” that attaches (similar to a lightweight VELCRO®) on top of it. The two together create a functioning rug. When the stain-resistant, waterproof top part gets dirty, you can just peel it right off and throw it into the washer and dryer. The cover material is light, but due to the way it clings to the base pad, feels every bit like a solid rug when it’s on the ground.

2. Value and Flexibility

Covers are as low as $60 – once you have a pad for a given size of Ruggable, you can buy as many covers as you want and swap them out like you would bedsheets. Voila, a new rug for every month (or every day of the week if you’re a real novelty seeker).

3. Customizability

Ruggable is soon kicking off the ability to customize rug orders to specific sizes to suit your home, as well as custom colors. You won’t have to hunt around for the exact shade to match your walls – you can specify exactly what you need.

One of the most interesting things about Ruggable is how they make this all work. Founder Jeneva Bell came up with the concept to create the cling-effect between the bottom of the cover and the top surface of the rug pad to allow you to have a sturdy, non-slip rug but with a top surface you can wash repeatedly. Even the 8×10 rug cover fits in a standard home washing machine (you can compare it to the size of a king-sized blanket). It’s such a unique process that the company actually has a patent on it.

So what are the downsides?

Well, if you want a $5,000 Persian rug, this isn’t the company for you. But if you want beautiful rugs that are incredibly convenient to clean and customized for your space, look no further.

It’s easy to order online with this link. If you’re interested, check out their selection of seasonal rugs, including spooky Halloween pieces for your favorite ghouls and goblins! Or click below to shop the best selling Cambria Ruby 5×7 Area Rug!

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