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Be ‘Non-line’ – Brideside Co-Founder on B2C Customer Acquisition (Part II)

BY :  Techweek Inc.   |   January 16, 2018, 12:10 pm EDT
Sonali Lamba
Co-Founder, Brideside

Chicago: During Techweek Chicago Growth Summit, Sonali Lamba, Co-Founder of Brideside, shared her views about B2C marketplaces. In Part 2 of this 3 part series, she talks about the key indicators used by Brideside to measure its customer acquisition performance.

“We ensure that ‘peace of mind’ is a fundamental component of the whole customer acquisition process.” – Sonali Lamba, Co-Founder, Brideside.

After commenting on Brideside’s customer acquisition strategy across different channels (Read Part I), Lamba was asked to share the key metrics that Brideside tracked.

“The one metric we live and die by is the Net Promoter Score”, Lamba said. “When a bride has an awesome experience, she’s referring bridal ideas to future brides. When a bridesmaid has an awesome experience, she’s using us over and over again for the multiple weddings she’s participating in. And this is before actually getting married herself and using Brideside again.”

Lamba said Brideside has seen a statistically significant correlation between improvements in NPS and improvements in referral. There is also a strong correlation with the decrease in waiting time before the second sale comes through.

Talking about referral, Lamba emphasized that word of mouth referral is not just about finding incremental revenue, it’s also about brand awareness which comes through a lot of deliberate hard work.

“For Brideside, we’ve actually gone through the creepy stalker [Lamba laughs] behavior to find out the hotel where the bride is getting dressed. In the morning of her wedding, we’ll randomly send her a bottle of champagne so that we’re delighting her and the 6 bridesmaids. It has also helped build word of mouth with the photographers and the vendors present at the hotel.”

Lamba said Brideside’s brand awareness is always focused on giving “peace of mind” to its customers as a part of their whole customer acquisition experience.

“To give that peace of mind, we throw offline events like yoga nights with a juice bar or meditation sessions for half an hour to all of our brides. We even send adult coloring books a couple of weeks before their wedding, as coloring helps in easing out the stress.”

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Sonali Lamba is the Co-Founder of Brideside. To learn more about Brideside, visit their website

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