Techweek is Coming Back to New York

Techweek is back to New York for its 4th year; and we couldn’t be more excited. Techweek New York launched in 2013 with a small and intimate attendee list of 500, while this year we are anticipating thousands. Techweek New York isn’t your typical technology conference experience.  We are on a mission to support technology ecosystems – to bring together people, ideas and resources to ensure local technology ecosystems are enriched and develop. And we take this mission very seriously. Techweek New York 2016 happens over a week, and it happens in multiple locations: highlighting some of the headquarters, in-office charms, and culture of New York’s emerging technology greats; and some of its very much emerged technology businesses too.  New York, get ready – we’re coming back.

Techweek New York’s Launch Startup Competition

Launch is coming to find New York’s best new startups. Launch is our platform to find the best new companies that are going to be creating jobs, disrupting industries and creating the products that change New Yorker’s lives.

Last year we were proud to announce FindMine as the New York Launch 2015 winner. Truly an exemplary example of the spirit of Launch, FindMine are bringing High Tech innovation to disrupt and change the world of High Fashion: it doesn’t get any more New York relevant.

We believe that running these spirited pitch battles is a way of offering startups experience and feedback on their business models, providing them exposure to the – sometimes brutally – honest input of investors, judges and the attendees, and to raise the awareness of the finalists. We are proud of our finalists, and we hope that they are on their way to becoming the Next Big Thing in the New York space.  This year, as ever, we welcome your applications here (link to Launch page).

Techweek New York’s Summit 2016

Summit will feature technology leaders from the most legitimate of growth companies: those who have aiming to change the world through technology – especially those with roots or relevance to the New York technology scene.  New York Summit 2015 saw headline names speakers Gary Vaynerchuk, Al Roker, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson – not to mention top leaders and tech innovators from Uber, IBM, Digg, Jebbit, About.com, Microsoft, Tumblr, Vimeo, Meetup, Shutterstock, American Express, Time Inc… you get the picture.

This year, we’re building out another unparalleled suite of speakers, not least of all early sneak peaks: Chris Hyams, President at Indeed, Neil Vogel, CEO at About.comKathryn Dill, of Forbes magazineJonathan Stein, Founder and CEO of Betterment, and Don Katz, Founder and CEO at Audible (Amazon).  Stay tuned for more schedule updates!

Techweek New York Expo and Hiring Fair are back

Expo and the Hiring Fair are doing what we do best: connecting companies, products and people. Some of New York’s best talent is waiting untapped, and some of New York’s emerging – and emerged! – great growth companies are in dire need of great talent – and have some great products, ideas and services to showcase!

Techweek New York 2015 featured some exciting activations from companies, including a DJ, a bar and some fairly incredible virtual realty gear.  Join us in 2016 to see if we can up the ante!

Confirmed Speakers

LISTEN: Some of our favorite New York speakers

Jonah Peretti & Will Porteous

  • Will Porteous describes the humorous way Buzzfeed hit his radar
  • Jonah Peretti details Buzzfeed’s innovative “trend detector”
  • John and Will discuss the importance of formatting content to be viral
Al Roker

  • Al Roker offers and inside view on current productions from Al Roker Entertainment
  • Al describes the exciting tech projects happening at Roker Labs
  • Al comments on how social media is changing the way we consume other types of media
John Turek, Jet.com

  • John Turek introduces the world to Jet.com, a smart way to shop online
  • John recants the pressure of revamping Jet’s front-end three days before launch
  • John details Jet’s impressive scaling strategy
Women Tech Entrepreneurs

  • The panel tackles inherent and acquired diversity, and its impact on the working world
  • Women leaders in tech describe the benefits of brainstorming with a diverse group of colleagues
  • The panel highlights the current shift in hiring mentality

Click here for full list of last year’s speakers

We are on a mission!

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Techweek exists to spread wealth creation to diverse places and people by supporting the emergence of local Hero Companies. Techweek believes creating sustainable tech entrepreneurial ecosystems is a uniquely accessible and equitable form of economic development and wealth creation. 

Techweek’s Hero Company theory of Economic Development says that that Hero Companies are incubators of talent and ideas, and spin-offs, and this process generates healthy tech ecosystems.


A mission with impact: Our goal is to engage 100 cities, and within 10 years develop a $1 billion dollar company in each.

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