Travis Kalanick is a synonym for disruptive thinking

Travis Kalanick, CEO of UBER tells his incredible growth story – and takes some classic Kalanick swings at city taxi regulations

Disruptive genius

Travis Kalanick doesn’t hold back in this riveting talk about his history before and the genesis of UBER – an idea conceived in Paris, “the worst city in the world to get a taxi.” Some astonishing factoids include that before becoming the poster child for disruptive technologies, Travis was a serial entrepreneur in the file-sharing world, spent a summer selling knives door-to-door and sold one of his companies in a courtroom. Some astonishing ts meteoric and surprising growth from a small service for Travis’s friend to a world conquering disruption tool.


Photo: Travis isn’t taking any prisoners in his vision for breaking the monopoly of Taxi services, Techweek Chicago, 2012

“Money won’t buy you happiness… but it will pay for therapy”

Unlike many other CEOs, Travis is also not shy in giving strong to the budding entrepreneur, such as:

  • Steer clear of preemptive investment deals that avoid the full due diligence and investment process; you’ll benefit in the long run
  • Don’t fake it until you make it – investors see right through you

And of course, it wouldn’t be Travis without a good old-fashioned battering of taxi monopolies and protectionist city regulations – enjoy!

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