Kathryn Minshew on her journey from suck to suck less

Kathryn Minshew, Founder and CEO of TheMuse talks innovation in job hunting, and the lessons she learned growing her company

TheMuse’s CEO and number one swashbuckler

Since 2011, Kathryn has been trying to solve the hard problem of the job-hunt through her company, TheMuse.  In her brilliant interview at Techweek Chicago 2014,  Kathryn explores her entrepreneurial story – hard lessons and funny stories galore.

Kathryn Minshew knows people things.  In fact, she is an known authority makes people tick when it comes to finding their ideal jobs – and how to help companies suck less at attracting great people.

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Photo: Kathryn Minshew  on journeying from Suck to Suck Less as a Startup: An Interview with Matt Burns, Sr Editor at TechCrunch on Stage at Techweek, Chicago 2014

“The more you polish something to perfection alone in your cave, the harder it is to actually accept valid feedback when you release it”

A wide-ranging conversation, Kathryn did find time to address the lessons she’s learned in the art of making her business less-suck-worth – and included many nuggets of wisdom that included:

  • To prioritize to get the right kind of feedback from customers who wouldn’t normally be inclined to offer it – even if it means bribing them in person at Starbucks to get it!
  • How launching a seriously ugly version of TheMuse website was a smart move rather than try to try to solve every problems all at once,
  • Why major funding is something critical important to carefully time – even to delay, how to get the right kind feedback
  • To attract diversity when you are small rather than have to handle the problem with lots of people
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Photo: Kathryn Minshew, mic in hand, takes part in a Wall Street Journal Startups of the Year finalists reunion roundtable at Techweek, New York 2015

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