Badeen is passionate about creating great products

Someone came up with the famous “Swiping Right” – that person is Tinder co-founder and VP of Product, Jonathan Badeen

Not shy about Tinder’ing

Jonathan isn’t shy about Tinder and what it is being used for – but no one is more passionate about the product itself, and continuing innovation of the product, the features – and how you monetize this peculiar social network

In this revealing application, we learn about some of the more unusual uses of Tinder beyond its more famous dating use cases – from wedding invitations, meeting co-founders, to using it as a way to meet travel companions.  In addition – the elephant in the room – how do you run a company and not get distracted in an industry susceptible to controversy.


Photo: Jonathan Badeen shares  some Tinder war stories at Founders House, Techweek Kansas City 2015

“Tinder matches have even been made in Antarctica”

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