Jonah Peretti on how he made Reddit… into Reddit

Jonah Peretti CEO and Founder of BuzzFeed with Will Porteous, RRE Ventures discuss the entrepreneurial beginnings of Buzzfeed

An honest take on founder success

A fascinating match-up; Jonah Peretti and Will Porteous talks history and entrepreneurship from the complementary perspectives of the Founder and original financier of Buzzfeed respectively. A starkly honest discussion, Peretti is clear on how much luck and circumstances plays into his success – the two draw out an interesting view that most entrepreneurs will succeed by being passionate about their field and finding something in that to grow a business, whereas in contrast, the investor mindset is to assess the trends across fields and choose which field will be the next big wave to hit.


Photo: Jonah Peretti – success realist and media genius – discusses founding and running Buzzfeed at Techweek New York, 2015

“The [disruption] wave always breaks much later, and hits faster than you think… and a few well positioned companies always reap the majority of the spoils”

Among other tasty tidbits, Jonah lays out his philosophy for hiring greatness:

  • Look for someone with brilliance in one area rather than mediocre at many
  • Cultural fit really matters!
  • On the other hand, diversity is important to bring in new perspectives, and…
  • … when you reach a later stage, you will need to bring in experience – folks that have done it before
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