Gary Vaynerchuk defends Millennial Entrepreneurs

Gary Vaynerchuk, the web marketing force of nature, came, saw, and kicked ass to open up Techweek New York 2015

A force of nature

Vaynerchuk talked about what he knows best-himself and successful business ventures. Vaynerchuk riffs on an about “younglings,” digging into the motivations and work ethics of millennials based off the harumping of an entrepreneur in the audience unhappy with the perception of entitlement in his 20 something workforce.

There was an interesting push-and-pull during the Techweek talk and Vaynerchuk clearly had been if not rethinking his answer from New York, at least parsing his intent and finding a more nuanced take on the changing generational points of focus.

Gary V3

Photo: Gary V pauses for a reaction from the standing-room only Techweek crowd

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