Since 2011, Techweek has done more than 100 ​​events across cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Miami.​ ​

Techweek's ​mission has been ​to foster Hero Companies across ecosystems, via its events that brought together people from various startups, venture capital firms and technology companies. A lot of value has been created through the events, via dissemination of information, fruitful conversations and long lasting relationships. We have had speakers such as Travis Kalanick, Jonah Paretti and Reshmah Saujani in the various cities that we have hosted events.

Numerous valuable companies have been through the Techweek platform, starting off as small companies when they first interacted with us. We have ​helped the companies reach the right audiences, be it customers, employees or investors. We maintain strong relationships with companies in the startup ecosystem who have interacted with us via the platform.

We bring a lot of experience to the table, having ​done numerous events over many years​. Going forward in the future, we will attempt to reach our goal of reaching 100 cities in 10 years. Our focus will be on "Curating Events and Creating Media", where we will be facilitators of events using our deep expertise in executing events, and amplify the event​s ​using our growing media engine.

With more than 130,000 followers and subscribers across our various channels, we can help you take your event to massive audiences and have a great turnout​. ​

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