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Techweek Kansas City 2016
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Techweek’s Story

Measurably improve the world
  • 100x10x1 Goal – We will engage with 100 cities, and within 10 years in a city, foster the development of a $1 billion dollar Hero Company

Techweek’s Mission

Techweek exists to spread wealth creation to diverse places and people by supporting the emergence of local Hero Companies.

  • Spreading wealth creation through tech entrepreneurship: Techweek believes tech entrepreneurship is a powerful force to spread the economic and social benefits of wealth creation
  • Diverse places and people: Techweek believes that there is a social imperative to help support the development of emerging tech ecosystems in non-traditional communities outside the valley.
  • Hero Companies: Techweek believes substantial and sustainable businesses, which we call “Hero Companies” – are powerful economic engines that concentrates and incubates resources, capital and talent that boosts technology ecosystems. We believe recognizing and supporting the development of Hero Companies is the most effective approach to build sustainable technology ecosystems

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How does Techweek pursue its mission?

Growth Summit: Brings together 20 CEOs and Founders of top private high-growth tech companies to showcase their businesses and share insights on a growth topic in front of a select audience of CEO peers, investors, and tech industry leaders.

Launch: We stimulate entrepreneur education and investor connection through our startup competition, a live pitch event where the hottest local startups compete in front of top local VCs.

Founders House: We foster economic collaborations, investments, and discussions, through networking and gatherings for a hand-selected, invite-only community of important founders and influencers.

Awards: By shining a national spotlight on the next big thing, we help startups establish credibility to raise capital and acquire talent.

Hiring Fest: A series of events that connect Hero Companies to the best emerging tech talent – culminating in Techweek’s own FutureHire event, highlighting the best places to work in each Techweek market.

Energized Goal


100: We will engage with 100 cities

10: Within 10 years in a city

1: Foster a $1 billion dollar Hero Company

5 Year Favorites

Recent Talks


Announcing: Techweek100 Chicago 2016
May 16, 2016

Announcing: Techweek100 Detroit 2016
April 13, 2016


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