December 1-3



Take an extraordinary look into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Havana, Cuba


Engage in an intimate conversation with Cuba’s most talented entrepreneurs, students, ministry representatives, and local leaders


Spend 3 days and 2 nights in some of the most beautiful and unique accommodations in Havana


Become part of Cuba’s vibrant culture — enjoy acclaimed Cuban cuisine, impassioned street salsa, and mojitos at Hemingway’s old hangouts

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The Techweek mission is to make the world a better place through tech entrepreneurship.  

Since its inception in Chicago in 2011, Techweek has moved into the tech ecosystems of New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami and Kansas City.  Next, Techweek will turn its attention to international expansion, hosting the first annual Techweek Havana beginning December 1, 2015. This “people to people” exchange is being done in partnership with the Florida Keys TREE Institute, a 501(c)3 non- profit organization that is licensed to take Americans to Cuba to share and learn.

Techweek seeks to uncover and shine a light on the most innovative products, platforms, and ideas — long before they are known to the masses.  In 2012, Techweek hosted Travis Kalanick (Founder & CEO, Uber) to discuss an app that would go on to transform the way we move from place to place.  Earlier in 2015, Techweek announced the 100 Cities Fund to invest in the winners of its Launch Championship, solidifying a commitment to the most exciting new tech entrepreneurs across the country.  In December, Techweek will continue on this mission by celebrating exceptional entrepreneurs and the tech community of Havana, Cuba.

Techweek Havana will center on an exchange of ideas between local innovators, visiting visionaries, and dreamers from all walks of life.  The event will provide an open space for all who are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship to be a part of the conversation – goals for the event include:

●      Introducing some of the most prominent tech founders in the US to Cuban entrepreneurs, students, ministry representatives, and local leaders:  Through interactive panels and presentations, Cuban business people, students, educators, professionals and policy experts will propose their visions for technological and business development in Cuba.  In turn, US CEOs will present to Cuban entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators about some of the most innovative US tech companies and their goals for expansion, both domestically and abroad.

●      Creating a forum for the exchange of culture, ideas, and understanding: Techweek believes that entrepreneurs around the world are quite similar – passionate, visionary, and hard-working.  This event will allow US entrepreneurs to experience Cuban culture and history firsthand – and will create an open forum for Cuban and US entrepreneurs to sit together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another.

●      Encouraging partnerships that will last for years to come: Through both formal panels and presentations and informal gatherings and excursions, Techweek aims to create a space where US technology founders and Cuban entrepreneurs, educators, professionals and ministry representatives can build prosperous partnerships that will last well beyond the event itself.

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