ENJOY: Some of our favorite FEST moments in the past 5 years

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NEW FOR 2016: we have even more FEST events planned!

Stay tuned for a city-by-city update!

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For 2016, we are continuing some of our favorite and most popular events of past years as well as introducing some new, and exciting types of events. Every city is unique, so stay tuned as we team up with our partners to come up with new, entertaining or informative events for our attendees.

  • Celebrations: Happy hours, kickoff and after- parties, product announcements and tech demo showcases
  • Basecamp: The official satellite office space and The Nexus of all things Techweek
  • Office Tours: Explore the hidden secrets and incredible workspaces of the coolest companies in your city, and maybe even find your future job
  • Workshops and open forums: Come learn a technical or entrepreneurial skill or quiz an expert on his chosen area of expertise
  • Challenge events: Competitions, hackathons, university pitch fests, quizzes and more
  • Curated meetups: 1-on-1 hiring and introductory office tours
  • Hiring fest events: Not your father’s hiring fair; come find your dream job
  • Community events: The best and brightest meetups and groups open their doors to the Techweek community

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LEARN: What is Fest?

FEST is the cornerstone of the Techweek experience with a week-long calendar of events that embraces technology and innovation.

From hackathons to meet-ups, networking sessions, technology company HQ discovery walkthroughs, cool product demos, and intimate talks with innovation heroes – with the occasional party thrown in – we aspire to bring together the local technology and innovation community to showcase the best and brightest in your city.

FEST events per city
companies involved
Registered attendees
Meet Team Fest

Team FEST is excited to introduce you to the most fun and engaging way to meet the tech community in your city – FEST.  We’ve been working hard coming up with quality events to run this year to highlight the quality of innovation in all our eight 2016 cities.

Have an idea for a partner event or celebration in your city? Interested in becoming a partner yourself or hosting an event? Lets us know!
Contact Brad to learn how you can become a partner

FEST supports our mission to spread and support innovation ecosystems by driving IDEA SHARING
  • Showcases breakthrough technology trends
  • Allows companies, leaders and the community to craft their own platforms to showcase ideas and products
  • It generates excitement and provides an organizing force to rally the community of tech entrepreneurs

Amanda Signorelli


Brad Schnitzer
Partner events


Jeff Jones
Partner relationships

ATTEND: 2016 tickets will be on sale March 31st

Detroit: May 2-8


Chicago: June 20-26


Toronto: July 25-31


Kansas City: Sept 12-18


NYC: Oct 10-16


Miami*: week of Nov 7


Dallas: Nov 14-20


LA: Nov 28-Dec 5


SPONSOR: Find ways to partner with FEST

Who should partner with FEST?
  • Companies needing to tell their company innovation story to attract extraordinary talent
  • Large technology or innovation companies headquartered in Techweek cities looking to celebrate entrepreneurship, innovation, and their importance to their home city
  • Brands looking to make a strong and broad statement about brand association with technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, bold ideas, and the local community
  • Companies expecting or having a great deal of investor scrutiny, looking to make a strong statement of industry or topic leadership
What solutions does FEST offer our partners?
  • Brand exposure with a wide audience
  • Be seen as a major supporter of the innovation ecosystem
  • Engage one-to-many with all Techweekers
  • Engage one-to-one in a custom activation

Interested in hearing about FEST sponsorship opportunities?

Contact Jeff to learn more about sponsorship opportunities:  jeff.jones@techweek.com or fill in the form below

FEST has a wide selection of ways to become a partner – and a way to tell your story to the right audience
Fest Solution Description
PresentingBrand the entire Techweek experience as our marquee sponsor with a fully customized activation
SupportingTitle sponsorship branding benefits provide pervasive branding across all festival activations
DemonstrationDemonstrate your product in its optimal setting or showcase your services by directly engaging attendees
CompetitionHost a hackathon, university pitch fest and more
1 on 1 Meet potential clients by offering office hours or creating 1 on 1 experiences to engage your target audience
Happy Hour Gather, celebrate, and meet the attendees in a fun but useful networking experience
BasecampOffer your space as the official satellite office for attendees during Techweek
Office Tour Showcase your office spaces and tell your story to potential talent
WorkshopTeach our attendees and demonstrate your domain expertise through experiential education
Custom Design an activation that fits your brand, the sky is the limit!

Companies looking for a powerful brand amplification and association with the best of innovation in a particular city are excellent partners for FEST  Many iconic international brands have found FEST to be a powerful story-telling platform over the past 5 years

PARTNER with FEST  to get access to and support the tech community

What is a FEST partnership?

A FEST  partnership is an opportunity for your company or organization to support the Techweek community through FEST events.  Typical opportunities include:

  • Providing educational content / workshop materials
  • Access to a venue
  • Other in-kind services or products

Partnerships always include mutual promotion of the partnership and Techweek, which helps build wider community enthusiasm and to get the word out.

Who are you?

You are a company or brand who wants to get some access to the Techweek community and express your support of the tech entrepreneurship community. While not getting as much brand exposure as a sponsor, you want to help and contribute to the tech community

Interested in learning more?

Contact Brad at brad.schnitzer@techweek.com or fill in this form

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Past ambassadors include:

What do you have to do?

  • Shout out to Techweek from your facebook and twitter handles
  • Send your mailing list a bit of info about Techweek and a discount code
  • Post a badge on your website showing your pride as a digital partner

Why should you do it?

  • Make sure that all of your friends and followers join you at Techweek
  • Help us gather the entire local community for a giant celebration of innovation
  • Because it doesn’t cost you a dime and you get lots of promotion in return

What do you get in return?

  • 2 complimentary Summit Passes for your organization’s leadership
  • Listing as a partner on our website and lots of love from our social media handles
  • A 15% discount code for Techweek passes to distribute to whomever you choose
Interested in learning more?

Contact Brad at brad.schnitzer@techweek.com or fill in this form

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