Austin-based Conversable acquired by LivePerson

The Texas chatbot startup Conversable, founded by serial entrepreneur Ben Lamm along with Andrew Busey and Tony Chen was acquired for an undisclosed amount by LivePerson, the online messaging pioneer, earlier this month. Lamm and Busey are expected to transition out, leaving the 28-member team which will ...

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Kabeer Chopra (left) and Stephen Kuhl (right), co-founders of Burrow.

The Trials, Tribulations, and Wins of ‘couch in a box’ Burrow

Sure, Burrow may have started off as an online-only ‘couch in a box’ business for superior quality sofas, but very soon it began making significant inroads into omnichannel retailing. First, it crafted partnerships with popular retail stores (such as Bonobos), local coffee sho...

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PlacePass adds more fun to your travel

PlacePass invites you to be a traveler, not a tourist Travelers today have shown an inclination for discovering local experiences over “touristy” activities, and PlacePass is looking to capture it. Popular travel brands including TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Google etc., have introduced online bookings ...

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annie-spratt-282807-unsplash (1)

Caribu: EdTech digitizes story time to bring families together

Our daily lives have been transformed by technology, and it has changed how we communicate across distances. Progress in this space has evolved the ability to have digital face-to-face conversations, something that would have been almost unimaginable even two decades ago. Caribu, a Miami-based ...

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rawpixel-740328-unsplash (1)

Klara – Revolutionizing Healthcare Communication

Visiting a doctor can be an intense experience. While there are multiple providers that handle parts of a patient’s journey, one company has a complete solution- Klara. Klara, a New York based startup providing a secure healthcare communication platform, recently raised $11.5M in its Serie...

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Nebula Genomics: Earn Cryptocurrency with Genome Sequencing

Between resurrecting woolly mammoths in a lab and tutoring the brightest of minds at Harvard Medical School, maverick geneticist George Church also powers a blockchain-powered genome marketplace – Nebula Genomics. With this Boston-based startup, Church and co-founders Kamal Obbad and Dennis Grishin, are working ...

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IMG_0392 (1)

KC Schedule and Speakers Press Release!

You can find the detailed schedule on the application!  Some of our keynote speakers include Kimberly Bryant, Kira Blackwell and Rodney Sampson! Techweek KC 2018 continues to add to its all star lineup of speakers. This year’s conference will include deep technology tracks, workshops and pa...

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It’s K Health vs Google

What if every time you were sick and googled your symptoms, you were not overloaded with impersonal, generic responses? New York-based K Health is trying to add a level of authenticity to your online symptom check. K Health is a free personal health information app based on a propri...

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Oxalo: A pill a day to keep kidney stones away

A study conducted from 1984 to 2012 concluded that the occurrence of kidney stones in men doubled and went up more than 4 times for women during that time period. One of the major culprits, according to another study cited by Time magazine, was increased reliance on oral antibioti...

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WeeCare – Building A Marketplace of Affordable Daycares

If you’re a parent with a child who was born in the past few years, you most probably would have gone through the grind of finding an affordable, quality daycare. WeeCare, an LA-based startup, has an app that helps connect parents with home daycare owners, while also helping dayc...

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Bark Out Loud for the Ultimate Parental Control App

Blue Whale Challenge – just those three words, which represent one of the internet’s deadliest suicide games for kids, are sure to strike terror in the hearts of any parent. But that’s not all. Thanks to the internet, your child’s smartphone, tablet and PC have also morphed in...

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Helping companies keep privacy first in NY: BigID

New York-based BigID recently raised a $30M Series B funding, less than five months after completing its $14M Series A round. The funding was led by Scale Venture Partners with participation from previous investors such as ClearSky Security and Comcast Ventures. The latest financing, which has taken...

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Tempus Labs with researcher running tests

Unicorn ‘Tempus’ Battles Cancer with Healthcare Analytics

In March of 2018, a unicorn was unleashed in the Windy City, in the guise of Tempus, a healthcare analytics firm. It was the $80M in funding secured the same month that put Tempus’s value at approximately $1.1B. In August 2018, Tempus raised a further $110M in Serie...

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Sharecare: the company making health digital

Sometimes, it becomes hard to completely encapsulate how large the impact of a single company can be. Sharecare possesses health data on over 100M+ US citizens. That represents well over 25% of the US population. And if that weren’t enough, on September 10, it b...

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BeBee Banner

LinkedIn ‘beBee’ like: This Startup Lets You Control Your Data Online

Several online platforms are collecting your personal data. Are you being fairly compensated for your information? beBee, a New York City based professional networking platform, is trying to change this by creating an ecosystem that makes transactions for personal data more transp...

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Sagewise-SDK-graphic showing protection net for smart contracts

Sagewise – Adding Dispute Resolution To Smart Contracts

CEOs who have turned down plans to optimize their organization using Blockchain or Smart Contracts because of the risks they pose, need not worry as much any more. Sagewise, a Los Angeles based smart contract infrastructure startup, has raised $1.25M in seed funding to develop an SDK and ...

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Citymart Is Changing How Cities Solve Pressing Urban Problems

Innovation is rare in the government world but civic tech startups are pushing the boundaries of regulation to help provide better public services. A popular name is Citymart, a New York City-based company, which raised an undisclosed seed round in March after previously raising a $750K fund...

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Starry: Champion WISP offers Affordable Internet to all

Regardless of profession, gender, or station in life, homo sapiens of today need the internet (and how). This is why no one can deny how surreal the next five words sound: blazing-fast free unlimited internet access. And bringing us closer to this alternate reality are innovative...

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Armoire – using AI to help badass professional women

Ambika Singh, CEO – or as her company Armoire calls her, ‘Chief Bosslady’ – was named as one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 under 40 this year. For her to be recognized as one of Washington’s most prominent young businesspeople by a publication she read in he...

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Wine Alert: Bespoke Post Reveals New Subscription Box

New York-built Bespoke Post toasted with Lot18, on Aug 2018, on the addition of a wine club to its subscription box services. Thanks to the partnership, Bespoke Post subscribers can opt for home-delivery of handpicked bottles from winemakers across the globe. Co-founder and CEO – Bespo...

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Rentlogic: ‘A to F’ of Building Certification

You may think that you lucked out by bagging a swanky Manhattan skyline-view apartment at a great bargain. But is it really the right place for you? Could it be creeping with bed bugs and rodents? Does it have a regular supply of hot water? Worse still, is the owner Ebenezer Scrooge per...

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Relativity Space Is 3D Printing An Entire Rocket

LA-based Relativity Space’s unique proposition of reducing the time taken to build and launch rockets has multiple investors fired up. In March, it closed a $35M Series B round led by Playground Global (which backs entrepreneurs working at the intersection of bits, atoms, and AI) to rea...

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PreScouter: helping companies access innovation from beyond

With 176% revenue growth in the last 3 years and $4.2M in revenue in 2017, PreScouter landed the 2446th rank on the 2018 Inc.5000 list. For the company’s 50 employees and CEO founder Dino Gane-Palmer, making it to Inc Magazine’s ranking of the fastest-growing companies reflects how far th...

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Send messages through goTenna when there’s no service

Founded in New York in 2012, goTenna raised a $7.5M Series B round led by Union Square Ventures. The startup makes devices which pair with your smartphone and lets you communicate with others even when you don’t have service. The startup was founded by siblings...

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MusicSpoke – A Marketplace for Sheet Music

Sheet music is all-pervasive in music events. Yet it has hardly seen any tech innovation in the past few decades. But all this is about to change. MusicSpoke, a Kansas City based startup, is disrupting the sheet music industry by creating an online marketplace for digital s...

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SparkCognition is seamlessly integrating AI into business

In 2017, Amir Husain, a tech leader in Artificial Intelligence, published a book called The Sentient Machine. The book explains how sentient machines will define progress for humankind. In the book, Husain asks readers not to fear Artificial Intelligence, as it can be the mother of several groundbre...

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Animaker Cover Picture

Need Animated Videos? Don’t look beyond Animaker

By 2021, 82% of the traffic driven from advertisements will come from video! Compared to other forms of content, videos are versatile, easy to digest, engaging and entertaining. They give consumers a break from the ginormous amount of information found in text online. Videos por...

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Cash Crunch? Borrow Money against Cryptocurrency with BlockFi

In July 2018, New York-based startup BlockFi secured $52M, in a funding round led by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Ventures. Thanks to the increased liquidity, the non-bank lender can now loan larger amounts of dollars to individuals and corporations against their Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurr...

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customer data systems - represented as multiple laptops talking to eacb other

Simon (Data) Says : Ready for the Next-Gen Customer Data Platform?

‘Data is power’ – taking this sentiment one step further is Simon Data, the first-ever enterprise customer data platform (CDP) with a fully integrated marketing cloud. Recently, Simon Data recently raised $20M in a funding round led by Polaris Partners. President and Cofounder, Joshua Neckes be...

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Hydroponic Greenshouse

Gotham Greens: White Knight of Sustainable Urban Farming

They may not be dressed as bats, but the team behind Gotham Greens are quite tech-savvy and commonly found flitting about rooftops – much like the masked D.C Comics vigilante. What’s more, the Brooklyn-built startup is here to save the day by championing the need for greater food securi...

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Amino App Communities Is Where Real Fandom Is

New York-based Amino Apps has raised a Series C $45 million funding led by GV, Union Square Ventures, and others to reach a total valuation of $72.4 million. Founded by Ben Anderson, CEO and Yin Wang, CTO in 2014, Amino apps is a platform that allows users to anonym...

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Cambrian – Helping Customers Visualize Home Improvements

Home improvement can be challenging. It is difficult to visualize what that tiny sample of paint or flooring would look like in your home. Selecting the wrong colour could be a decision you have to live with for a while. But worry no more. Cambrian, a K...

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Blavity Is Proof That Black Consumers Are Rising

In July, Blavity, a digital lifestyle media startup correcting the representation of black millennials in media, snagged a $6.5 million Series A round led by GV with participation from Comcast Ventures, Plexo Capital and Baron Davis Enterprises. Founded by Morgan DeBaun, CEO and co-founders Aa...

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Mammoth Media Apps And The Race To Hook Teenagers

Early this year, LA-based Mammoth Media, the mobile entertainment-app startup raised a Series A $13 million funding. The newly-acquired fund solidifies the company’s position as a mobile media leader. It also diverts attention to how the startup is creating short-form, mobile-first entertainment to appeal to ...

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higi : Your Friendly Neighborhood Biometric Screening Platform

Next time you do a grocery run, look for a jungle-gym-like health station with a green logo – chances are that you have spotted a higi health station. These free biometric screening outlets allow users to measure their vital stats (weight, BMI, pulse and blood pressure) and then el...

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Paladin Connects Lawyers With Impactful Pro Bono Work

Paladin, an initiative to make pro bono – legal work done without fee – more efficient, has raised a $1 million venture round on July 6. The NY-based startup, founded by Felicity Conrad and Kristen Sonday in 2016, had previously raised a venture round of $2...

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Why Emulate’s Organs-On-Chip Is Not A Dystopian Idea

A global healthcare challenge is upon us. More than $2 billion and at least 10 years are spent in developing merely one new drug. But Boston-based Emulate Inc wants to accelerate this process and personalize medicines.   It has raised a a Series C funding of $36 mil...

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Basis Uses Monetary Policy To Stabilize Cryptocurrency

Basis, a greater New York area startup, has raised a staggering $133 million to solve the problem of wildly volatile cryptocurrencies. It raised the amount from investors such as Bain Capital Ventures, GV, Zhenfund, Sky9 Capital, Digital Currency Group and others by presenting an astounding pitch: ...

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ClimaCell Uses Wireless Networks For Weather Forecasting

In 1859, a storm wrecked the Royal Charter, a British ship, and inspired Robert FitzRoy – the student of Francis Beaufort known for developing a scale to indicate wind force – to develop charts for “forecasting the weather”, thus coining the term “we...

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Voatz’ Online Voting Platform Is Secured By Blockchain

Everything around us is changing dramatically but one thing has remained stubbornly unchanged: the use of ballot paper to cast votes. While software-driven electronic voting machines have been in use, ballot papers have prevailed. The reason? Security. Academics and innovators have tried to popular...

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Rebel Brings E-commerce To Your Email

Like many other apps, the people behind JSwipe, a Jewish dating app, were sending push notifications to communicate with their users. But it wasn’t enough. In order to inspire people to log back in, they hatched a plan: Users inactive between three and five weeks were divid...

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Star Struck? Order Celebrity Video Shoutouts with Cameo

It doesn’t get more epic than a RuPaul’s Drag Queen wishing you a ‘dirty thirtieth birthday’ or an NBA player dishing out marriage advice at your brother’s bachelor party. The good people at Cameo, the built-in-Chicago talent marketplace, concur. This is why they seek to facilitate the ul...

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Making Power WISE

A start-up based out of Kansas City is taking on auto and electronics giants such as Tesla, Mercedes and LG in the multibillion dollar energy storage space. WISE, a Kansas City based start-up, is set to launch its ‘intelligent’ energy storage solution soon. With the prototyp...

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NYIAX – Revolutionizing Advertising

The ad tech space has been rapidly growing while improving the US $557.99 billion (2018, statista) global ad industry. One company is taking the industry to a whole new level. NYIAX, a NASDAQ powered start-up, is the world’s first advertising contract exchange. It facilitates buying, se...

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Sigma Ratings’ Quest to Redefine Non-Credit Risk

While the world is full of risks, assessing risk continues to be a major challenge. Sigma Ratings, an MIT-backed non-credit rating agency, is on a quest to redefine the way the world sees risk by standardizing and quantifying non-credit risks. Earlier this month, Sigma Ratings closed ...

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Recyclebank Wants to Pay You for Recycling!

Being good pays off! Quite literally with Recyclebank. The startup is making a difference by educating users about recycling in a fun and entertaining way. You know what else? You can learn points while learning! All you have to do is make sure your city’s wast...

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Largest English Encyclopedia? It’s Everipedia not Wikipedia

“Wikipedia represents an enormous missed opportunity,” writes founder Dr Larry Sanger. “It is sloppy, incomplete, and—yes—small.” Sanger has been a vocal critic of Wikipedia for a long time. He tried to improve on Wikipedia with Citizendium where, unlike Wikipedia, authors used their real, verified names. Citizendium’s FAQ described Wikiped...

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Dandelion Can Make Geothermal Energy Homeowners’ Top Choice

A NY-based geothermal startup has raised a round of $4.5 MM funding, to help homeowners save on the money spent to heat or cool their homes. The company originally conceived at X, Alphabet’s innovation lab, is now independently offering geothermal heating and cooling systems to ...

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City Parking Blues? ParkWhiz to the rescue

Finding parking on any given day, in a crowded city, is no joke. Worse still, if there is a big sports event in town. Baseball fans, Yona Shtern and Aashish Dalal, know the pain of circling the stadium for hours to find parking only too well. In their quest to p...

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Heal more, Wait Less – Doctor House Calls Simplified

It takes over 29.3 days to get an appointment with a primary care practitioner in the United States. Arguably, that’s 29.3 days more than what should be the ideal wait time. This disappointingly high number leaves no doubt about the growing inaccessibility of doctors, to say ...

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Ollie – Compact Co-living with Generous Add-ons

One year ago Blake Beckelman moved to New York City from Texas and now lives in an Ollie apartment. His fully-furnished studio apartment in New York’s Carmel Place in Kips Bay, Manhattan has a nine-feet high ceiling and a juliet balcony. Inside the ap...

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Rally Rd – Rev Your Engines For A Classic Car Stock Exchange

In the climate-controlled environment of Rally Rd.’s garage, stands a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa. The metallic prune car is an auto enthusiast’s dream. It has clocked in original 4400 miles and is fitted with a single high mirror on the driver’s side, known as the “fly...

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Packback – Packing Curiosity In Education

In Season 5 of business reality show Shark Tank, Chicago-based Kasey Gandham and Mike Shannon of Packback appeared with their big pitch: An affordable study solution in the form of pay per view e-textbooks. The idea met with resistance as most sharks thought that...

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Parsley Health’s Care Is Beyond Impersonal Doctors And Pills

Parsley Health, a NY-based startup, has raised a $10 million Seed A financing led by an early stage VC firm, FirstMark. The funding comes nearly two years after Parsley Health was founded to look at healthcare from outside the prism of pills, prescriptions, and paternalistic doctors...

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A Different Design for the Differently-abled: The M+D Crutch

For people recovering from minor injuries, crutches are a minor inconvenience. But for the permanently disabled, underarm crutches are painful, restrictive, and a major barrier. Mobility Designed reimagined crutches to solve this problem and empower the differently-abled. Technology has create...

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Set Your Own Saving Rules With Qapital’s Money-Saving App

Qapital, a fintech with a money-saving app that paternalizes people into saving, has raised $30 million in fresh financing. The funding led by Swedbank Robur and Northzone, a venture capital firm, is only a fraction of the amount the app claims it has hel...

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