Contributor Guidelines

A. What we’re looking for: tells the stories of great tech entrepreneurs, businesses, and markets beyond Silicon Valley. We publish unique insights, great data, and memorable stories from our Contributor Network and Featured Writers.

Contributor Network

Who: Our Contributor Network includes founders, CEOs, and executives around the world. To apply to be a contributor, go here .


General Process: Contributors fill out Q&A style templates, which our editorial team turns into finished pieces. We also put your bio on our site for additional exposure.


Steps: Fill out the contributor form here, and we will review your application. If all goes well, you will receive a welcome email from us and a template. Once you submit your answers and bio, our editing and publishing teams will get them live on Magic!


Length: For Q&A’s please keep each response to one paragraph, 200 words or less.


Topics: We currently run Founder Feature, Startup Spotlight, and Day in The Life contributor feature pieces.

Featured Writers

Who: Writers, bloggers, academics, knowledge leaders in the world of tech outside the Valley


Process: Featured writers may submit full pieces that we then publish or syndicate in.


Steps: To apply to be a featured writer, go here. We will also ask for your bio that will go on our site in addition to your article.


Length: Pieces should be no more than 1,000 words


Topics: Some examples of pieces we’re interested in include:


If what you write about isn’t above, feel free to pitch us on something relevant to Techweek’s mission that you’re interested in.


Guidelines below apply to both Contributors and Featured Writers unless otherwise stated.

B. General guidelines




C. Editing guidelines




  • WE DO
  • Edit for brevity, style, and clarity. Our goal is to make your piece as interesting as possible.
  • Use killer subject lines, without being too clickbait-y.
  • Add a couple paragraphs up front introducing the subject to the reader.




  • WE DON’T


  • Take quotes out of context
  • Change facts/data


Rest assured, these pieces are designed to shine a spotlight, on you, your company, your market, or your insights.

D. Style Guide & Submission Checklist




After you submit, we will get in touch with questions if our editors have any. Our teams will get your content online, and shoot you a link to share when it’s live!


Note, we get a lot of submissions. You should expect to receive a response within 3-4 weeks. If you don’t hear from us after 8 weeks, it means your submission was likely rejected.