21 Of 30 “Game Changing” Startups Are Outside Silicon Valley

By    |   December 15, 2017, 1:09 pm EDT

CB Insights recently released its list of 30 Game Changing startups for 2018. Remarkably, 21 of them are headquartered outside Silicon Valley. This signals a major shift in the geographic concentration of tech startups, and underscores the trend of both companies and talent moving to diverse places around the US and abroad.

The industries chosen by CB Insights are largely “applied technology,” including Neurotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Animal Products, Synthetic Agriculture, Intelligent Public Safety, Autonomous Construction, and “Rocket Launchers”. It stands to reason that many of these startups would be based in areas better suited to their industries than the valley. For example, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a hotbed for biotech and medical startups, houses 3 companies on the list. Moreover, with companies as far flung as Brazil and Russia, location may not matter much at all when it comes to creating a groundbreaking, and well funded, tech company.

Here’s a quick synopsis of all the companies outside the Valley in the CB Insights report:


Neuros Medical: Total Funding: $36.8M. HQ: Ohio.
“Neuros Medical’s technology delivers high-frequency stimulation to sensory nerves in the peripheral nervous system to block chronic pain.”

Regenerative Medicine

eGenisis: Total Funding: $40M. HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
“eGenesis is a life sciences company leveraging genome editing technology known as CRISPR to deliver safe and effective human-transplantable cells, tissues and organs.”

Blue Rock Therapeutics: Total Funding: $225M. HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
“BlueRock harnesses induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) therapies to use healthy cells to cure
a range of diseases.”

Synthetic Animal Products

Modern Meadow: Total Funding: $53.4M. HQ: New Jersey.
“Modern Meadow applies advances in tissue engineering to produce cultured leather that requires no animal slaughter and much lower inputs of land, water, energy and chemicals than conventional methods.”

Synthetic Agriculture

Indigo: Total Funding: $319.5M. HQ: Massachusetts.
“Indigo Agriculture is developing microbial solutions to naturally promote plant health and improve agricultural production.”

Benson Hill Biosystems: Total Funding: $34.2M. HQ: North Carolina.
“Benson Hill Biosystems leverages cloud biology, comprised of cloud computing, big data analytics, and plant biology, to enable companies to improve crop genetics.”

Inocucor: Total Funding: $35M. HQ: Montreal, Canada.
“Inocucor offers a process that uses fermentation and microbe combinations to enable plants to reach their full growth or yield potential.”

AI Chips

Graphcore: Total Funding: $110M. HQ: Bristol, United Kingdom.
“Graphcore sells an intelligent processing unit (IPU) designed to lower the cost of AI applications in cloud and enterprise data centers.”

Cambricon: Total Funding: $101.4M. HQ: Beijing, China.
“Cambricon (寒武纪) is developing a brain-inspired processor chip that simulates human nerve cells and synapses to conduct deep learning.”

Massive Simulations

CiBO Technologies: Total Funding: $30.3M. HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
“CiBO Technologies is a sustainable agriculture company that simulates agricultural outcomes.”

Improbable: Total Funding: $553.9M. HQ: London
“Improbable Worlds is developing an operating environment that allows user to build simulated worlds that can be run in real time, simulating the behaviors and interactions of millions of entities. ”

Intelligent Public Safety

Evolv: Total Funding: $37.8M. HQ: Massachusetts.
“Evolv Technology creates both hardware and software for physical security.”

Shield AI: Total Funding: $13.2M. HQ: San Diego.
“Shield AI builds artificially intelligent systems for protecting law enforcement officers, emergency first responders, and civilians.”

UVEye: Total Funding: $4.5M. HQ: New York.
“UVeye is building computer vision and machine learning technology to help detect vehicular security threats.”

Autonomous Construction

Apis Cor: Total Funding: $6M. HQ: Russia.
“Apis Cor is focused on making building construction fast, efficient, and high-quality by delegating work to smart machines.”

Construction Robotics: Total Funding: $0.7M. HQ: New York.
“Construction Robotics is developing hardware and software for the construction industry, starting with SAM100, an autonomous bricklaying robot used for masonry.”

Rocket Launchers

Rocket Lab: Total Funding: $75M. HQ: Huntington Beach.
“Rocket Lab is building an all carbon-composite launch vehicle.”

Relativity Space: Total Funding: $9.54M. HQ: Los Angeles.
“Relativity Space aims to build and fly rockets with zero human labor to resupply satellite constellations.”

Kubos: Total Funding: $2.03M. HQ: Denton, TX.
“Kubos provides open source software and hardware for developing satellite missions.”

Extreme Logistics

CargoX: Total Funding: $35.1M. HQ: Brazil.
“CargoX is a logistics company that offers cargo transportation services for shippers in the heavy duty trucking industry.”

FetchR: Total Funding: $52M. HQ: Dubai
“The Fetchr app aims to solve the logistical problem of lacking a physical address, which can restrict the proliferation of delivery services, especially for ecommerce, in places like the Middle East and North Africa, by allowing users to use a phone as a physical address.”

To access the full, free report from CB Insights, go here.


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