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Age: 25-44


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What is the Techweek Expo?

  • A full-day Thursday expo that highlights the intersection of many tech-enabled industries in select Techweek cities
  • A place where companies go to showcase their products and companies to the best and brightest: start-ups Launch competitors, tech leaders, tech and business students and innovators of all kinds
  • We hear from startups all the time who are looking to work with big brands. Techweek expo is where those connections happen!

Who should exhibit at the Expo?

  • Only at the Techweek Expo will you find Fortune 500 companies rubbing elbows with budding startups
  • You will meet B2B SaaS companies, consumer brands, service providers, schools… the list goes on!

Where will the Expos be in 2016?

  • Techweek Expo will be travelling to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Kansas City in 2016, with further cities being announced soon – stay tuned!
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Management or higher


Female ratio


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