Leverage Techweek’s global reach while helping us gather the entire community to celebrate technology and innovation in your city.  Use your voice to ensure your followers and network get to join the learning and festivities at Techweek.

What do you have to do?

  • Shout out to Techweek from your facebook and twitter handles
  • Send your mailing list a bit of info about Techweek and a discount code
  • Post a badge on your website showing your pride as a digital partner

Why should you do it?

  • Make sure that all of your friends and followers join you at Techweek
  • Help us gather the entire local community for a giant celebration of innovation
  • Because it doesn’t cost you a dime and you get lots of promotion in return

What do you get in return?

  • 2 complimentary Summit Passes for your organization’s leadership
  • Listing as a partner on our website and lots of love from our social media handles
  • A 15% discount code for Techweek passes to distribute to whomever you choose
Proud past city partners include: