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The goal of Partner Events is to bring the entire tech ecosystem together for a week-long celebration of technology and innovation. We want to make it easy for you to host great events during Techweek.

Our Method is Simple

1. We assemble the most gifted and passionate players from your local tech community.
2. We give you a platform to reach them.

Host a Partner Event during our week-long celebration, and we’ll maximize its visibility to the Techweek attendees you’re most eager to meet.

Successful Formats Include

Competition: host a competition for startups, developers, and/or entrepreneurs.
Discussion: moderate a challenging discussion in office or around a table.
Exhibition: display products or fashions.
Lecture: present a fresh tech topic to an interested audience.
Product Launch: debut your product into the market at Techweek.
Screening: show your tech-related cinema.
Social Mixer: mingle and meet fellow attendees.
Tour: lead a tutorial of your space.

Becoming a Successful Partner Event

Apply: complete the application below to submit your event for consideration.
Comply: confirm that you will follow the accompanying rules, then follow them.
Inspire: take pride in producing an enriching experience for the tech community.

Partner Event Rules

1. Free Admission: you must admit all Techweek attendees free of charge.
2. Sales Prohibited: you may not sell anything to Techweek attendees.
3. Begin Promptly: encourage Techweek attendees to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled start-time of Partner Event.
4. Reception Permitted: you are welcome to host a reception after the event.
5. ID for Alcohol: should you serve alcohol at your event, you take full responsibility for ensuring that all recipients are 21+.
6. Logo Use: Techweek must pre-approve any and all use of Techweek’s logo.
7. Respect Attendees: be professional, cordial, and fair.

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