Christopher Ritter, Founder, Crafty, contributor

By September 6, 2017, 10:55 am EDT

    It occurred to us recently – Crafty is a company whose game plan is providing an in-office happy-hour experience for companies. They’re in the business of building great culture. So what is Crafty’s own culture like? And how does anyone get any work done in a place that manufactures and delivers good times?

    Step into co-founder Chris Ritter’s shoes as he walks Techweek through the hoppy-flavored tour of the Crafty psyche.

    • Techweek: Okay Chris, help set the stage a bit for people late to the Crafty party – what are 3 things that you should know to understand what Crafty is all about?

      Chris: Sure. Firstly, we started out only selling kegs of Craft beer and now we sell Kraft Mac & Cheese. Secondly, We’ve built a diverse team of 40 that proudly serve offices as small as 10 and as large as 1,000. Thirdly, One of the founders may or may not have promised to get a tattoo if Crafty did over 1m in sales in its first year of business. Hint: check the left leg.

    • Techweek: First off, what is it about your company culture you are most proud of?

      Chris: While the range of positions within our team varies widely, we pride ourselves on having an interconnected company. This is despite the fact that some people work on-site in offices making espressos for clients, some people work in an office to develop the new marketplace for our website, and some people work at our warehouse managing a still surprisingly enormous inflow and outflow of Grapefruit LaCroix.

    • Techweek: Okay – getting specific now, what is one Crafty HQ quirk that sets it apart. Techweek readers are doubtlessly picturing a vast mountain of beer kegs right now by the way.

      Chris: We have a surplus of expired snacks. Oooo, the benefits of ever-improving inventory management. Turns out Doritos Spicy Sweet Chilli start tasting funky after about 2 months beyond expiration.

    • “One of the founders may or may not have promised to get a tattoo if Crafty did over 1m in sales in its first year of business. Hint: check the left leg.”

    • Techweek: Alright, let’s talk productivity. How does does your schedule look on any given day?

      Chris: Busy. Why do I always accept calendar invites without looking?

    • Techweek: So with a small company with multiple locations, and with busy schedules, how do you guys work effectively together?

      Chris: We have weekly meetings, weekly emails, weekly conversations, weekly lunches, you name it. The real engagement, however, happens naturally because people have taken an interest in each other’s lives — both life at work and life away from it.

    • Techweek: That sounds idyllic – how does the team react when there is melt-down? Red-alert, we have run out beer – what happens next?

      Chris: Everyone takes a second and tries to remember how to properly describe what kombucha is.

    • Techweek: We are saving big time on ink in this interview. Or electrons I guess. So what about you – what is one big work problem are you working on right now?

      Chris: Building out a fluid operation capable of handling business opportunities we’re yet to explore.

    • Techweek: That sounds like a challenge. So why do you think someone should want to join team Crafty?

      Chris: Everyone has an opportunity to succeed, grow as an individual, and better learn what it means to be a part of a successful team.

    • Techweek: Before we go, quick-fire pop-psychology question – what are three words that describe the core spirit of Crafty?

      Chris: Independent, driven, and committed.

    • Techweek: Thanks to Chris and the fine people at Crafty for their time. We are still waiting on our complimentary keg.