The Techweek Launch Championship is the battle royale of pitch competitions. It’s where top startups from around the country – and the world – compete to be crowned Techweek’s Launch Grand Champion. The Launch Championship is Techweek’s top attraction and offers a chance for Techweek attendees to see which companies will soon be changing the world; to meet their founders and investors.

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Regional Winners

Techweek Chicago 2011

Techweek Chicago 2012

Techweek Chicago 2013

Techweek New York 2013

Tastemaker Mom
Techweek Los Angeles 2013

Hair Construction
Techweek Miami 2014 Early Stage

Modernizing Medicine
Techweek Miami 2014 Later Stage

Techweek Detroit 2014

Jail Education Solutions
Techweek Chicago 2014

Techweek New York 2014

Techweek Los Angeles 2014

Techweek Detroit 2015

Past Judges

Greg Bettinelli
Partner | Upfront Ventures

Brian Cohen
Chairman | New York Angels

Reeve Collins
Co-founder & CEO | Realcoin

Jason Finger
Co-founder | SeamlessWeb

John Frankel
Partner | ff Ventures

Hadley Harris
Founding General Partner | Eniac Ventures

Troy Henikoff
Managing Director | Techstars

J.B. Pritzker
Managing Partner | Pritzker Group

Rick Smith
Co-founder & Managing Partner | CrossCut Ventures

Alicia Syrett
Founder & CEO | Pantegrion Capital

Cody Simms
Managing Director | Techstars

Chris Thomas
Founder & Partner | Fontinalis

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Startups   Judges