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Panel Spotlight: #BeEpic: How Leaders Are Doing Well by Doing Good

How Can Entrepreneurs Make Social Good Part of Their Leadership Platform? This is the question posed by Alexandre Mars, serial tech entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Epic Foundation, a global nonprofit startup that’s bridging the gap between individual and corporate donors and NGOs and social enterprises working with children and youth. As members of the tech community, we're focused on our products, business growth, bottom lines and recruitment. Is it possible to stay honed in on these issues while giving back to our community? How do we enable social good as individuals and as...
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Techweek Honors 100 Brightest Minds in New York Tech

Presented by Techweek is thrilled to announce its Techweek100 New York 2016, honoring 100 of the most forward-thinking minds and organizations that have made a powerful impact in the local tech community. Brought to you by Capalino+Company, United Airlines and Loud Interactive, Techweek100 New York 2016 will be awarded in three categories: Ambassadors, Innovators, and Cultivators. Ambassadors are selected based on their impact on the tech community through thought leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year's Techweek100 New York Ambassadors include: Reza Chowdhury (Founder & CEO, AlleyWatch), Gary Vaynerchuck, Co-Founder &...
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Gary Vaynerchuk expands on Techweek NYC keynote: ‘We need to stop dissing on millennials

Gary Vaynerchuk, the Web marketing force of nature, came, saw and kicked ass to open up the 2015 Techweek Conference and Expo in New York City on Oct. 15. Vaynerchuk talked about what he knows best – himself and successful business ventures. But in the middle, there were audience questions and one in particular piqued his interest enough to launch a new video series in which he wants to focus narrowly on questions that are “over-indexing.” Specifically, Vaynerchuk riffs on a question about the “younglings,” digging into the motivations and…

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Gary Vaynerchuk drops knowledge bombs at Techweek NYC 2015

Gary Vaynerchuk is many things: founder, social media expert, salesman, innovator, broadcaster, wine enthusiast. Not listed among those is “shy.” The outspoken entrepreneur sat down with CNN’s Brian Stelter for a conversation to open up the Techweek conference in New York City that ranged from outworking his “kids” to using Shaquille O’Neal in a K-Mart get-rich-quick scheme. Listen to the full chat here:

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Day 1 at Techweek New York City convention: Know your analytics

Leave it to Gary V. to announce presence with authority. The wine expert, Internet empresario and, truth be told, Jersey boy, exploded into a pre-caffeinated Day One speaking engagement loosely moderated by Brian Stelter to jump start the Techweek convention at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Gary Vaynerchuk, 39, has built an industry around himself and it was clear why after he shocked an early morning crowd awake with his usual mix of bravado, confidence and blunt talk about his business — and everyone else’s. From how he made his bones in…

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Friday Spotlight: Jamie Cohen & Shodogg

Jamie Cohen, Co-Founder & EVP of Business Development at Shodogg’s sat down with us to share more about the inspiration behind launching Shodogg, how he sees the future for his business, and what it’s like to win the Techweek New York 2014 Startup LAUNCH Competition. Q: Let’s start light — tell us a fun fact about yourself. A: I could be Adam Sandler’s body double. Q: Describe your life as an entrepreneur in one sentence. A: Do whatever it takes. Q: How did you and your co-founder meet? A: I took my…

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