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Reimagining the Car Rental Experience through a Mobile App

This past July, Avis introduced its new mobile app Avis Now to further enhance the car rental experience for its customers. Being one of three corporations controlling the majority of the car rental industry today, Avis has focused on branding itself as an innovator in the space. Techweek aims to celebrate innovators across various industries, which is why we are so excited to have Scott Deaver of Avis take the stage at the Techweek Dallas Summit 2016. Techweek recognizes that Dallas is more than just Cowboys football and BBQ. Dallas...
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Virtual Reality’s Crucial Role in Enhancing the Classroom Environment

At last year’s conference for the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education Certification (NASDTEC), it was announced that the Educational Testing Service (ETS) would partner with Mursion to provide simulation technology for its new teacher licensure assessment. Today, the company’s technology is being utilized by more than 65 universities and programs to equip K-12 teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of the classroom. Techweek is enthusiastic about innovation across various industries, therefore, we are happy to welcome Carrie Straub of Mursion to the...
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From Shark Tank to Techweek Dallas, Foot Cardigan’s Star Continues to Rise

The quirky idea for Bryan DeLuca’s novelty sock subscription business Foot Cardigan came about because he forgot to pack enough socks for a 3-month European trip with his wife. Four years and a memorable appearance on Shark Tank later, the company is nearing the close of its first capital round after a year where it saw $2.5M in sales. Entrepreneurs like Bryan with amazing success stories are ones that Techweek loves to spotlight, which is why we are thrilled to have Bryan join us at the Techweek Dallas Summit 2016....
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Amber Venz, the “Mark Zuckerberg of Fashion,” Takes the Stage at Techweek Dallas

Amber Venz’s exclusive online shopping platform LikeToKnow.It has propelled her to become a big star in the fashion world and earned her the label of “the Mark Zuckerberg of fashion.” Everyone from fashion retailers and designers to bloggers know and love her. Since launching in 2011, Amber has helped to generate more than $2B in sales driven to brands like ASOS. Techweek aims to celebrate innovators across various industries, which is why we are so excited to have Amber grace our Techweek Dallas Summit 2016 stage. Techweek recognizes that Dallas...
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