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Announcing: Future Sound at Techweek Chicago, St. Lucia as 1st Headliner


Future Sound is a 3-day music festival focused on the intersection of music and technology.  As the Techweek Chicago Expo winds down, live electronic and tech-enhanced musical acts on the South Drive of the Merchandise Mart will heat up!
  • What: 18 hrs of live music at one of the most unique 3-day music festivals
  • When: June 26-28
  • Where: Nestled between the Chicago River and the Mart | South Drive Stage
  • Who: 4,000 Techweekers… PLUS…
BAND HEADLINER – ANNOUNCED TODAY ST. LUCIA!  This year we bring you a legend in the making!  Brooklyn-based St. Lucia makes shimmery, ’80s influenced, synth-driven pop. After two successful EPs, St. Lucia’s debut album “When the Night” has their 2014 tour selling out dates and being shifted to larger venues.  

SATURDAY HEADLINER – ANNOUNCED MAY 20 Another headliner to be revealed!  Stay tuned for this announcement on May 20!  You will not be disappointed. The Saturday headliner is known to have the crowd asking for an encore.

EDM HEADLINER – ANNOUNCED JUNE 20  Last year we surprised Chicago when Calvin Harris headlined our Techweek Chicago party.  Now in 2014, we have another top electronic dance music DJ for you!  Look for the EDM headliner announcement on June 20!

As we introduce the Future Sound Music Festival to Techweek Chicago we have created special passes that make it easy for you to curate your own experience with the Festival Pass, Festival + Pass, or experience everything that is Techweek by purchasing the Summit Pass. These passes will sell out!
  • Festival Pass ($80): Access to Expo Hall, LAUNCH Competition, Campfire Sessions, Gamers Lounge, Bar Techweek, The Knowledge Bar, Singlehop Stage, Food Truck Face Off, South Drive Stage, Future Sound Music Festival, Hiring Fair, Happy Hours, Hackfest, Future Home, TV & Film Festival, Food & Drink Festival
  • Festival + Pass ($150): Access to all of Festival Pass options AND all summits, the Summit Stage and Technical stage
  • Summit Pass ($199): Access to all of Festival + Pass options AND Partner Events, Parties, FashionTECH Runway Show, and TechweekGT

Recap of the Black Tie Rave!

btr_new (1)

Oh, what a night!  This past Thursday, March 27th, we hosted the first annual Black Tie Rave to raise money for Endeavor Miami and Miami-Dade Public Schools, as well as build buzz for the upcoming eMerge Americas Techweek in Miami, coming up May 1-7 in Miami Beach.  It also gave us an opportunity to toast the first-ever Techweek100 Miami – an amazing group of entrepreneurs, investors, and enablers that are the core of Miami’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem. We kicked off the festivities with a private reception for the Techweek100 on the stunning rooftop of Techweek100 honoree and CEO of Open English – Andres Moreno.  It was a beautiful night (certainly much nicer than in Chicago!) and guests were treated to an open bar, delicious sushi, and great music from guitarist Mario Vuksanovic, DJ Nicademass, and Dutch singing sensation EliZe.  A few words were said by our chairman Iain, resplendent in his Scottish kilt, and Xavier Gonzalez, the Executive Director of eMerge Americas, who was most certainly not in a kilt. From there the party moved down the pool at Ocean House, one of the nicest private residences in South Beach.  Glamorous by day, this night it was completed transformed as we bathed it in purple light and converted the pool deck to a dance floor!  VIP guests lounged in private cabanas while other party-goers danced the night away as DJs Thiago Mansur and Paulo Velloso (collectively known as JetLag) teamed up with EliZe to produce some unique and extraordinary music together.  We had a few special surprises in store for the guests as they were greeted by a Living Carpet and a woman performing while floating in the water in a giant ball. After the festivities, team Techweek took the opportunity to check out Ultra Music Festival more great EDM at a few clubs and hotel pools across Miami Beach.  For better or worse, the conversion of this Seattle grunge / classic rock fan to an EDM fist-pumper may have hit the tipping point in Miami. Try as I might, some things can’t be expressed in words though – you should just check out the pictures for yourself.  Take a look on our Facebook page here. And, if you feel bad you missed out (which you should…) make sure to register for eMerge Americas Techweek in Miami here so you don’t miss any more Techweek festivities in Miami!

  a_siegelWritten by Alex Siegel

Ted & Technology: A Decade of Love and Loathe

My name is Ted, I wear many hats at Techweek, and I love each and every one of them. Here are four highlights of how technology has impacted my life in the past decade.


Ten years ago I was 15 going on 16. Besides hormones, SAT prep, and the drive to get my license and hit the open road, there was one constant force in my teenage life. It was music.

Before I was introduced to’s Live Music Archive, my only experience with music and the internet had been short lived affairs with Napster and Kazaa and constant frustration with Pandora.

At first I was introduced to the Live Music Archive, but I quickly realized what a goldmine the entire site was. The general audio archive is a collection of 1,924,961 items ranging from the Quran to netlabels available for download or stream. The Live Music Archive has 126,367 items from 6,124 bands, also known as musical Christmas.

This is my favorite Grateful Dead concert to date: Live at Hollywood Palladium on September 9, 1972.

It’s simply amazing what has been compiled by’s team and community. Do yourself a favor and check it out.  


Twitter. Just kidding, I wish I could say I was an early adopter, but I was a senior in college, and at the time, there was no way to tweet a beer, so my interest in the new social network quickly subsided.

As some college students do, I studied abroad. I scraped and saved and bought myself a DSLR camera for my trip to Ireland. The reason I was able to do this because, while digital cameras had been out for a little bit, they were hideously expensive, and their quality was simply not worth it. Significant advances in memory compression and sensor technology made it possible for me to afford a DSLR camera body that was backwards compatible with my collection of lenses from the 80s. I was awestruck by how many high quality photos I could take, and how I could touch them up on my laptop. The b&w film purist certainly suffered a defeat with my conversion to digital color, but I still retain my aesthetic and keep shooting. 

Feb 2014:

The current state of the internet.

I am sometimes stunned by how information is broadcast: Gifs, memes, Funny or Die, Reddit, Huffpost, Buzzfeed.

By most rights I’m considered a manly man, I don’t think wool is too itchy, and I have not one but two types of beard oil. However, I love internet corgies. They melt my heart, and if someone was reading my thoughts they would hear nothing but d’awws. That said, I rarely take selfies not in jest, but I could not ignore this intimate dissection of the “selfie” and how technology has impacted and arguably transformed how people look at self-beauty. As a male, I cannot fully grasp this video, and I know it’s made by Dove to sell creams but I still thought it very powerful and worthy of sharing –

This is my interpretation of a current “article” – it rambles and shifts topics, but is mildly interesting and ends with a call to action and a hyperlink. Call it cynical, but it’s really just how it is.

Last Week

Last week while riding on the CTA Brown Line, I looked over to see a peer of mine reading, and it was strangely reassuring to see a young person embracing the tactile and visually stimulating wonders of a paperback.

While technology continues to improve and innovate, I firmly believe that there are some facets of life that are better left analog.

Hashtag   ted Written by Ted Cooke

A look into our SXSW trip!


This past week Team Techweek made our 3rd annual trip down to Austin for a SXSW style adventure.  We met thousands of like-minded individuals and were ecstatic to continue to spread the Techweek love throughout the country. We spent our first hours in Texas setting up our tradeshow booth with longtime friends of Techweek Freeosk.  The expo hall was buzzing with pre-show excitement, people and boxes were scattered about as our neighboring booths came to life.  I even spotted Kevin Bacon in the loading dock before his session with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon co-creator Brian Turtle. We were lucky enough to spend Saturday night sipping cocktails at Dell’s YEC event attended by some of the country’s most successful young entrepreneurs, including the bright minds behind Influence & Co. and Tucker Max. Sunday Funday kicked off and continued on with Techweek’s ALL DAY soiree celebrating tech and innovation, while highlighting the 5 cities Techweek is hosting events in 2014.  We got a jumpstart to our morning showcasing Techweek NYC (Sept 29- Oct 5) with party partner Unified Social enjoying some bagels & bloody’s.  After a great breakfast, we were joined by Rock Ventures and a number of innovators from Detroit to feast on hot dogs and entrepreneurial energy ramping up for Techweek Detroit (May 19-25).  Transitioning to tacos and a West Coast spirit, LOFTBPO helped set the mood for some tech talk around theCity of Angels including the burgeoning startup scene ready for Techweek LA (Nov 17-Nov 23).  Next up, we got down at the Techweek Chicago Party presented by Argyle Search Partners snapping pictures with Smilebooth preparing us for what is set up to be the biggest and best Techweek yet (June 23-29). Our grand finale brought out the heat of the night and immense excitement around our inaugural Techweek Miami event (May 1-7) with our primary accomplice eMerge Americas.  Other party partners to highlight: WyzAnt, Uber, DCEO, Built in, Radix Collective, Influence & Co., SceneTap, Mattr, OneFire, and Wanderu who brought their pet monkey! The next few days were a whirlwind of parties, meetings, and a packed expo hall.  A few highlights include The Onion, DOWN, Statefarm, and Chicago Made.  We also said hello to NASA and even got to try on a space suit! Can’t wait to continue to enable local innovation ecosystems across the country at Techweek in Chicago, NYC, LA, Miami and Detroit!

  MD Bio PicPosted by Michael Donnelly

Photos from our EAB Gathering

On March 13th we had an update with our EAB in Chicago.  It was filled with cocktails, amazing food and the top innovative thinkers in the Windy City.  For those who couldn’t attend, here are some pictures!  

Five Qualities You Must Possess to Work at a Startup


1. Team Player : There are a ton of things to do everyday when working at a startup, nobody has just one job and there is no task too small for anyone.  You must be willing to get your hands dirty and do the things you never imagined to keep the company wheels going.  You have to be flexible.  If you aren’t flexible and well rounded, you will most definitely be seen as invaluable.  It’s not a job it’s a mission.

2.  Creativity: Startups don’t run on tradition.  Startups are still learning and growing.  You have to be creative and bring innovative ideas to the table.  Creativity is necessary to keep a startup fresh and ahead of the game.  A lot of companies can become duplicates of each other and creativity will help avoid that.

3.  Type A Personality: Startups usually begin with a small number of employees.  Usually, no more than twenty.  People with Type A personalities are driven and competitive.  Getting things done in a fast manner, but with great results is essential.

4.  Passionate: Startup environments can be tough.  They can be unpredictable and require you to work long hours.  You must have the passion to put in the work.  If you’re not passionate about the startup you work for, then you are more likely to abandon ship when things get tough.

5.  Reliable: Your team has to be able to rely on you to get things done.  If you can’t finish the task then it leaves the rest of your co-workers to pick up the slack.  Bandwidths run short in startups.  Be sure to do your part.

And the Sexiest Person in Tech Award Goes to….

Alicia Cannon Mullen   posted by Alicia Cannon Mullen File 33643

OK Buzzfeeders, now that I have your attention…

For the second year in a row, I have the honor of chairing the committee to select the Redmoon Galvanizer Award.  This award celebrates individuals who galvanize community and make a difference in their field while contributing to the vibrancy of Chicago – mirroring Redmoon’s mission in public art.

Last year, BIC’s own Matt Moog was honored (long over due IMHO) with the Galvanizer award.  He had so much fun that he and his amazing wife Lucy generously agreed to co-chair Redmoon’s 2014 Lunatique event, where the Galvanizer award is presented.

This year, we brought together a selection committee that was comprised of city leaders across  all disciplines (architecture, law, finance, government, etc) and just as broad an array of male and female award candidates were subsequently nominated and considered.   The committee even consulted some world class strategic thinkers, like Bruce Mau, to provide input on who was truly impacting our community in a meaningful way.

Howard Tullman was not known to all on the committee but his name was submitted from virtually every corner of our “communiverse.” When everyone heard of his “renaissance-worthy” acccomplishments, consensus was soon upon us.  It is hard to not be awed by his community work in digital communication, higher education and his passion for showcasing visual art.

I was thrilled when last fall he humbly agreed to accept this award during a surprise visit to his offices.

The 2014 Galvanizer Award quickly “returned to tech” this January when Howard was named CEO of 1871.  I couldn’t be more pleased that once again, a representative of the tech community is leading the way in civic engagement.

It got me thinking that for every Howard and Matt, there is a new generation Shradha, Shawn, and Iain coming into their own and realizing that their strategic thinking and efforts can more broadly impact this city and beyond…it just takes some (proverbial) balls and squeezing a little extra attention away from the grindstone.

Being successful and offering back to the culture and fabric of our community is not only commendable but its yes, sexy….I’ll celebrate that any day. But for now, I will be at one of the coolest parties of the year on March 15th with some of tech’s best, seeing Howard Tullman receive his award in a primal spectacle ceremony unlike any other.   And no matter who you are, here’s a little secret: at Redmoon’s Lunatique, everyone gets to feel a little sexy.

Click here to read more about Howard Tullman  and the Galvanizer Award.

Attend Lunatique!  Can’t be there on the 15th?  make a gift in Howard’s honor and Redmoon will project your message live at the event.

To learn more about Redmoon, one of Chicago’s most unique cultural organizations, click here. .

Join us at SXSW!

Techweek is bringing Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and New York together for one ALL DAY party during SXSWi. That’s right, this year we’re not just bringing the Windy City to Austin, we’re celebrating Techweek’s expansion to five cities and giving our attendees an exciting glimpse of what’s ahead for tech in 2014.
Join top entrepreneurs and leading tech companies from across the country for non-stop music, delicious snacks, and signature drinks. We’re one of the only ALL DAY events on and around 6th St. on 3/9, which is hugely buzzworthy. And with a single tweet last week, our RSVP list has reached 1,000+ and growing.  Each party theme coincides with one of our Techweek cities, giving attendees and exhibitors a chance to network and tap glasses in a party environment that celebrates the latest and greatest in tech in a very unique, market-specific way.  Previous Techweek Party participants and sponsors include: 1871BellyBraintreeCDWITA and Gogo.
Party Details:
Date: Sunday, March 9th
Where: The Nook (309 E 6th St)
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
  • 11 am – 2 pm: New York City - “The City That Never Sleeps”  (Bagels and Bloody’s)
  • 2 pm – 5pm: Detroit - “Detroit Rock City” (Craft Beers and Hot Dogs)
  • 5 pm – 8 pm: Los Angeles - “Tech-ila Sunrise” (Tequila and Tacos)
  • 8 pm -11 pm: Chicago - “Third Coast Roast” (BBQ and Whiskey)
  • 11 pm – 2 am: Miami - “Heat of the Night” (Tapas and Energy Drink Vodkas)
Want to bring your company with us to Austin? Email Brandon at, about party sponsorship or exhibiting during our five city celebration.
Check out photos from previous parties here. RSVP here. Attendance Policy: The event is open to all SXSWi badge holders and those on our guest list, age 21 and over, on a first come, first served basis.  Photo I.D. is required for entry.  **RSVP does not guarantee admission**

Thank you Detroit!

collage_draft_3 Amid the North American Auto Show festivities, Techweek and Detroit Venture Partners hosted the Detroit Kickoff Party at Sugar House!  We met some of the top tech influencers in Detroit and kept warm with the best cocktail in America.  Techweek is excited to bring the conference to a place that knows how to work hard and build from the ground up. See you soon Michigan! Check out photos from the Techweek Detroit Kickoff Party here.