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The age of the dinosaurs is over. Here’s the problem: applying for a commercial loan is complicated. Banks are traditionalists and slow to embrace new technology. Commercial loan software, therefore, is often a complete dinosaur. This industry may just have slept through the past 20 years of customer service and software revolutions. McMillan is the technology wizard and CTO behind Techstars Akouba which wants to propel the industry multiple technology generations. Akouba has developed a radically modern cloud-based platform for commercial loan applications and processing. This is an enormous industry,…

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People like parties. It’s a fundamental axiom that might not make its way into an investor deck, but nevertheless keeps bars open all over the world. Moreover, parties at the office allow employees to connect on a personal level and expand their networks, facilitating the kind of cross-functional knowledge sharing and affiliation that make great businesses successful. The only problem: it can be an operational nightmare to make sure the alcohol flows at every event. If only that could be outsourced! Enter Crafty: they’ll put a keg in your office…

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Startup Spotlight: Do You Know Who’s Spying on Your Inbox?

We’ve all seen the explicit phishing emails – no I will not open your so called “attachment” – but what about the more innocuous emails that are actually spymails? 270 billion emails are sent every day – can you spot the ones that are spying on you? 15% of business email today are spymails, containing hidden tracking, and 1% of all spymails are individually targeted? According to Paul Everton, Founder of Mail Control, he blocked nearly 100,000 tracking attempts over a 10-day period for one of their clients. In a…

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Inside: Techweek Founders House New York

This year, Techweek Founders House celebrated its fifth annual event in New York. Techweek Founders House is an intimate and exclusive gathering of CEOs and founders from rising tech companies and established Hero Companies, as well as notable individuals in every Techweek city. The invitation-only experience fosters a unique environment for founders to create meaningful and authentic relationships with their peers. Techweek Founders House took place in the heart of Greenwich Village, in the private residence of Stephen Werther, the former CEO of Anthony Bourdain’s Hudson River Food Market, and…

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Smart homes are the talk of the consumer housing market, and for property managers, landlords, and rental property owners, there’s a big opportunity to manage their units in “smarter” ways. Homebase provides smart apartment management solutions for new and existing residential communities. It’s a win-win situation: property managers enjoy seamless control across buildings, making it easy to stay in touch with residents, manage payments and maintenance requests, and control smart devices such as locks, lights, and thermostats. Residents get all the great smart home devices, including climate, lighting, security, and…

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Wish You Could Wash Your Area Rug?

Buying a rug for your home is often needlessly cumbersome, and in the end, you’re usually stuck with something that may look attractive but is incredibly difficult to clean. No one feels this pain as much as those with kids or pets, but even the casual entertainer is left with the headache of cleaning food and drink spills. We always have our eyes on businesses that take a tech-enabled approach to making our favorite products better, and so we jumped at the chance to review Ruggable. It’s an entirely new…

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