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Announcing Techweek100 Detroit 2016

By April 13, 2016, 1:00 am EDT
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Techweek100 Detroit

Announcing Techweek100 Detroit 2016, presented by Opportunity Detroit and Quicken Loans

April 6, 2016

Team Techweek is thrilled to kick off one of the most anticipated times of year — Techweek100! Announced in each city leading up to our annual Techweek festival, Techweek100 ushers in a season to celebrate the tech community and its members for its recent successes and promising developments.

Techweek100 Detroit 2016 is our most exciting yet, and is the first list to showcase our new Techweek100 structure. This year, we’ve refocused the prestigious award’s structure to reflect what our team has learned about the key roles needed to create a robust, flourishing innovation ecosystems. To highlight their unique and necessary contributions to the tech scene, Techweek100 2016 will be awarded in three categories, comprising 75 organizations and 25 individuals:

  • Innovators (50 companies) — With a seat at the center of the ecosystem, innovators keep the tech community evolving and moving forward via generating bold new ideas and challenging industry status quos. The Innovators of Techweek100 are companies — both established and startups — that are actively shaping the future via new thinking
  • Cultivators (25 organizations) — Cultivators are the support system of tech entrepreneurship, making dedicated effort to grow the resources available to Innovators. This support can take many forms — from financial to educational to advisory to a wide range of other sustaining efforts. The Cultivators of Techweek100 include VCs, incubators, educational institutions, and other local organizations.
  • Ambassadors (25 individuals) — As notable leaders in the tech industry, Ambassadors act as spokespeople and thought leaders for the community. The Ambassadors of Techweek100 are founders, influencers, and other prominent voices acting as positive voices of change.

This year’s Techweek100 Detroit list features about 70% new and exciting honorees, selected by the Techweek team and community advisors. We would especially like to thank Ted Serbinski (Managing Director of Techstars Mobility) and Chris Seago (CMO of GreenLancer and venture capitalist) for their feedback in the selection process.

The Innovators recognized in Detroit this year range from well established industry pillars, such as GM, Henry Ford Health System, and Quicken Loans, to new additions, including Crowdwise, Quadmetrics and Rocket Fiber. The diverse set of industries represented by these Innovators speaks to the growing vitality of innovation in the city, which has garnered national as well as local attention in recent months.

Cultivators include Techweek100 pillars, such as Ann Arbor Spark and Grand Circus, as well as new additions, like Girl Develop It, whose contributions continually push the community toward an exciting and more inclusive future.

Finally, this year’s Ambassadors are an inspiring and similarly diverse group of tech leaders, including Beth Niblock (CIO of Detroit), Marry Barra (CEO of General Motor) and Hunter Rosenblume (Founder of Lunar).

The Techweek Team congratulates all the Techweek100 Detroit 2016 honorees. We look forward to celebrating in person during Techweek Detroit from May 2 – 8, 2016!

Take a look at the complete list here.


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