Techweek Chicago GROWTH SUMMIT

Sales Teams: Competition or Collaboration?

By July 11, 2017, 5:31 pm EDT
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Techweek’s inaugural Growth Summit in Chicago was a huge success, featuring panels on critical topics from growth financing to customer acquisition, an appearance by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and tons of knowledge being dished out by some of the most notable founders and CEOs in the Windy City. One memorable moment was this exchange between Jellyvision CEO, Amanda Lannert, and Shiftgig CEO and Founder, Eddie Lou, on what it takes to make a great sales team.

Amanda and Eddie exchange views on what makes a good sales person, and the relative importance of competitiveness and collaboration within teams. Amanda says a collaborative environment is critical for her company, and that she likes to hire “likable people with proof of grit and grind.” Eddie says that he typically “looks for people who are competitive…who want to win a client, and then win the next client…and thrive in that environment.” He also notes that competition and collaboration aren’t mutually exclusive, using the model of sports teams as an example.  What do you think? Check out this clip from the panel on B2B customer acquisition and decide for yourself:


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